This year we will have the privilege of having Mike Drouin keeping Us up to date with what happens at Sac. Chapter Events. Mike will not only write about the Sac. Chapter, but will also be competing in "E Street" in a Mazda Miata along side his son Davey. Mike likes to race he has  a stable full of cars to choose from (rumor has it somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 to choose from). Mike's Musing's will be a fun way of looking at what we do for a hobby. 









Round 1 & 2


Sacramento Autocross Round 1

Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built- . (Henry Ford)



Round One of the Sac chapter has finally come. Winter was a very long and boring gap of time. Sure it is a great time to take apart and improve oneís race car, or in some cases buy a new car all together. Thank goodness we live in sunny California where the sun comes out for most of the year. The first event being held at Mather Air Field is a great kick to the season.

Super Street had seven different drives all being Corvettes except for one Viper. Starting with third place was Jason Trantham with a 55.200. Second place went to 51.883 Jeff Glorioso in his 2017 grand Sport Corvette. First place was clinched by Alan Patterson in his Viper ACR with a 51.772

            A Street had 10 different drivers with a variety of cars, but mainly filled with GM products. Third went to Roger Fellows in his Z06 Corvette with a 53.818. Second place went to Stephen Hare with a 53.578. The champion of the class was Brad Fleig with a 52.807

 B Street has a bit more variety of makes and models. The class had Corvettes, Porsches, Fords and one lone Honda S2000. Alas the top two spots were dominated by Corvettes. Third place went to Tony Monoogan in his Ford Focus RS with a 55.612. I might as well point out the Tony use to be a Corvette driver. Second place went to Jay Williams with a 54.846. First place went to Mark Heinrichs in a C4 Corvette with a 54.436.

C Street had four drivers which all drove Japanese makes except for one little BMW. Bill Tubbs parked his Fiat this year and was piloting a BMW Z3. He ran a 62.868 which was good for third place. Lynne Sperry driving a Miata on his first run nailed a 61.279 which was good for second place. Winner of the class was Jason Bricker in a Nissan 350z with a 59.039.

D Street was well attended with five drivers and five different cars. Starting with third was AL Lu in a FRS with a 59.105. Second place went to the twin of the FRS a Subaru BRZ driven by John Hancock. John was able to pull a 56.966. The winner of the class with a 56.629 was none other than Lloyd Feaver. Lloyd has been driving his estoril blue M3 forever needless to say he knows how to drive it around an autocross course.

E Street like normal was over populated mainly by Miatas. First place went to Karl Hannah with a 57.730. Right behind Karl was Davey Drouin with a 58.377. In third was Mike Drouin with a 59.985. All were driving a Miata in one form or another.

F Street normally full of American V8 sedans had 1 Camaro, 1 Infiniti, 1 M3, and a Mustang. Third place went to Mike Agraan with a 59.479 in the M3. Second place went to the Infiniti driven by Kevin Grivich with a 57.004. Winner of the class was Bruce Hopkins in a Camaro with a 54.280.

G Street had five competitors. Third place went to Al Andersen with a 56.192. Second place went to Chris Kannan and the new family Ford Focus with a 55.471. Winner of the class was Steve Martegani with a 54.536 in a VW GTI.

H Street had three drivers, so if you ran the class your chances of finishing in the top three were pretty good. Third place went to Joshua Espiritu running a RSX. Josh was able to get a 63.963 but he had a cone. Second place went to Robby Thacker with a 64.755. The winner was Curtis Tyler in a Kia Optima with a 61.607.

Our next event will be our P.A.L.S. charity event on June 2nd and 3rd back at Mather Air Field. See you in the parking lot.




Rounds 3 & 4

Sacramento Round 3 P.A.L.S. Event

Mather Air field


To start with a big thank you to the Police Action League for letting use Mather Field for the weekend. Our second weekend back at Mather Air Field was nothing short of a great event. The weather was good, car turn out was good, and there was only one delay of racing. A car had an issue with its power steer pump on course. It was cleaned up quickly and the racing was back on in less than 20 minutes. All in all if you werenít there you missed a great weekend. Starting with STS there were four drivers all in Japanese imports. Third place went to Jayme Lancaster in a Scion IC with a 64.515. Second went to Michael Gleaton in a Mazda Miata with a 61.749. Class winner was Nathan Gabriel in a Miata with a 58.191. STX had six drivers fighting for the win, but it came down to a pair of Hondas battling for the top spot. Ahren Renner in his Honda Civic Si claimed second place four tenths behind the class winner with a 58.563. First place went to Steven McLaughlin in a Honda Civic Si with a 58.144. Racing with the true spirit of race whatever you have was Patrick Maldonado. Patrick brought out a red Toyota Tacoma pick up truck in STX. I bet he had just as much fun and anybody else, if not more. STR basically had two marquees racing. All the drivers were in a Mazda Miata or a Honda S2000. Third place went to Mike Jensen in a Miata. Second place went to Jim Uchytil in a Honda S2000. Claiming the top spot in a Honda S2000 with a 57.200 was Charles Meyer. STU had three drivers, so finishing in the top three was almost a guarantee. Kevin Grivich in an Infinity G37 took first place with a 60.000. Second went to Tobin Gallawa in a Miata with a 62.621. Third place went to Igor Alekseyev with a 71.256. STH had three people signed up to run, but only one person completed runs. David Welborn took the class in his WRX with a 59.798. Only three street prepared classes had drivers and they had one driver each. BSP was won by Lanny Bowden in a Corvette with a 56.375. CSP was won by Nick Haleen in a Miata with a 62.117. OSP was won by Derek Hui in a Honda S2000 with a 58.657. The CAM classes on the other hand have really blossomed in the last few years. CAM-C had two GTOs and a mustang running. Third place went to Andrew Barrious with a 61.567. Second place went to Ken McCulloch in a Mustang with a 60.256. First place went to Steve Howe in a GTO with a 59.691. CAM-T had nine drivers with some true American muscle. The short list of cars was mustangs, a Firebird, a Nova, a Falcon, an AMX and one C-10 pick up truck. This class really is becoming my favorite class to watch. Third place went to Kyle Corbert in a 1968 Mustang with a 63.191. Second place went to Robert Tyler in his Chevy C-10 pick up truck with a 62.055. The class winner was James Fuhs in a 1965 Mustang with a 61.779. CAM-S had six drivers, but only one kind of car, the good old Chevrolet Corvette. Kenneth Mitchell took third with a 57.736. Second place went to Randy Wonnenberg with a 57.018. Winner for the day was Ken Yeo with a 56.817. Our next event will be at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds on June 23rd and 24th. The pavement is still the same old pavement we have raced on for years, but so is the amount of fun we hope to have.   







Sacramento Autocross Round 6

(Back to Stockton same pavement same fun)


Well the weather man predicted temperatures in the 100+ range. Yes, it was hot; because of the low car count in the morning everybody was given five runs which was awesome. The course was designed by Carl Graf, and the funny thing is for some reason it resembled a giant uppercase G. It started out with a very large high speed sweeper and ended with some really tight corners at the end. All in all was a great day of autocrossing. 

X Prepared had Carl Graf and Nick Martinez sharing Carlís green monster. Nick was able to post up a 44.576. Carl beat him with a 43.608.

B Prepared had a little bit of an unset. Rick Brown came in third with a 40.310. Second place went to Tom Smiley with a 40.021. Winner for the day was Eric Smiley with a 39.355.

C Prepared was won by Louie Lira in a 1965 Corvair with a 43.593.

D Prepared had the undefeated champion Josh Garcia win again with a 41.868.

E Prepared was won by Eric West in his Honda Civic with a 41.647.

Street Mod had a great turn out with six different drivers. Third place went to Robert Custodio with a 43.069. Second place went to Kay Ly with a 42.843. The Champion for the day was Derek Thacker with a 42.447.

            Super Street Mod was won by Tom Nivison who was unchallenged. His fastest time was a 41.032.

C Modified was won by Mike Drouin in his new toy a 1976 LeGrand. His son came in second. Davey was unable to finish his runs because at one point he spun the car, ďso wellĒ the shifter pin fell out, thus leaving him unable to put it in gear. The standing rule is if you break it you push, which he did from the farthest corner on course.    

E Modified was won by Bob Weisickle. The best way to describe Bobís Austin Healey is if the devil was ever in the market for a Healey Bobís would be the one he would want. Bob nailed a 37.414.

F Modified had Mike Cilenti come in second place with a 44.463. The class was won by Doug Hargrove with a 41.140.

A Street Ladies was won by Marie Lindberg with a 44.801. Second place went to Barbara Pickett with a 47.820. Both ladies were driving Corvettes.

B Street Ladies had three women battle it out for the top spots. Taylor Williams came in third with a 45.672. Penny Hubbard took second with a 44.246. The winner for the day was Kelly Williams with a 44.111.

CAM-S ladies had a pair of Corvettes and a pair of ladies fighting for the win. Ingrid Ansell nailed a 46.006, but Patti Yeo was just a bit faster. Patti won the class with a 43.606.

X- Prepared ladies was won by Rachel Smiley-Martinez in the family Corvette with a 44.367. Right behind her in second was Korynne Smith driving Carlís Datsun monster with a 48.225.

B Prepared ladies was won by Gale Smiley with a 44.204, which just so happens to be faster than her daughterís fastest time. I am sure I donít have to point that out to Gale. 

Street Modified Ladies was won by none other than Nicole Custodio with a 46.177. Nicole is still kind of new to autocrossing, but you should see her run grid. There is no sandbagging on her watch.

Well our next event will be back at Stockton July 14th and 15th. There are no other autocross events that weekend, so car count should be healthy.





 Stockton Finished for the Season

Round 8

By Davey Drouin


Well it was our last event at Stockton for the season. It was the same old pavement, but the same amount of fun. Unfortunately I had to break in new piston rings and missed Saturday. On Sunday though, I was pleasantly surprised with the course. I have run at Stockton enough times that I feel like I have seen most of the designs possible. Sunday was different from anything I have seen before. It started with a large curly q with a tight exist to the right into a large fast sweeper. The course ended with a Sacramento slalom. What is a Sacramento slalom? It is a slalom that if you get lined up just right you can flat foot the throttle and shoot straight through it all. The temperature wasnít bad if youíre from the valley.

Super Street had three drivers with three very different cars. Tosh Yumae in a Porsche 991 GT3 took third with a 42.808. Jeff Glorioso in a Grand Sport Corvette took second place with a 40.703. The champion was Al Patterson with a 39.839 in a Viper ACR. Al also won the PAX for the day.

A Street had four drivers taking third place was Alan Booth in a Porsche with a 42.945. Second place was won by Brad Fleig with a 41.697. Winner of the class was Mark Heinrichs with a 41.117. Mark has a borrowed ride from a good friend Warner Gorenzel, and he was finally able to talk Warner into a set of new Bridgestones. Now this is Warnerís first season autocrossing. He definitely learned why having new autocross tires makes a difference. New tires unlock new levels of performance you never knew a car had. Needless to say Mark couldnít be happier.

B Street had some very close racing. The difference between first place and third place was only six tenths of a second. Third place went to Jay Williams with a 43.607. Second place went to Doug Hubbard with a 43.562. Winner for the day was Charles Meyer with a 43.205.

Ladies B Street was won by Penny Hubbard with a 43.702. Second place went to Kelly Williams with a 43.983. Third place went to Taylor Williams with a 44.900 which is just a little bit slower than her dad. One of these days she is going to beat him, but not today. Hang in there it took me more than a few years to beat my dad, but it was the best feeling ever when it finally happened.  

C Street was won by Bill Tubbs with a 48.708.

D Street was won by John Hancock with a 43.821 in a Subaru BRZ. Second place went to Eric Martin with a 44.877 in a Mustang. Eric said, ďFour pistons and a turbo is all you really need.Ē

E Street had quite the number of Miatas as it normally does. Sunday had five different competitors fighting for the win. Third place went to Rod Gonzalez with a 46.847. Second place went to Jacob Yeager with a 45.887. The winner of the class was Karl Hanna with a 45.360. Fun fact the top three Miatas were all different shades of green. 

Well the next event will be August 18th and 19th at Thunderhill. I donít remember how big the solo pad is at Thunderhill is, but I can assure you that it is the newest and smoothest piece of autocross pavement youíre going to find in the whole state of California.                


Thunderhill Raceway Park

(A Place That Breeds Motorsports)

Round 9

By Davey Drouin




Well when you run at the same venues over and over again you kind of get use to seeing the same group of cars and similar track configurations. Not that any of that is bad or anything, but Thunderhillís Solo pad really threw a curve ball and changed things up for the better. Not only was the course something different most people didnít expect, but there was a different variety of cars that showed up. For example David Silveiraís Alfa Romeo GTU was something I didnít expect. I havenít seen an Alfa come out to an autocross since the late 90ís. Thunderhill is also a great place to take a car and play. The east course had motorcycles, the west course had a solo 1 time attack going, the drift pad had drifters killing tires, and the solo pad had the Sac chapter. All in all lots to look at and watch other than just auto crossing which was pretty sweet. 

            Super Street was won by Jeff Glorioso in his Grand Sport Corvette with a 55.792. Second place went to Al Patterson in his Viper ACR with a 56.776. Third place went to Derek Hui with a 57.855. Now Derek was driving a Corvette Grand Sport which is a little bit different than his normal Honda S2000. Is Derek making a turn for the dark side?  Who knows?  

A Street had Warner Gorenzel come in third with a 66.285. Brad Fleig nailed second with a 58.443. The class was won by Mark Heinrichs with a 58.384 in Warnerís Corvette. It is so nice to have a friend that have fast car and is willing to share it.

            B Street has fun fact about the top three cars in the class. They were all a shade of red. Third place went to Charles Meyer with a 60.590 in a red S2000. Doug Hubbard in the family red Corvette took second with a 60.478. The class was won by Jay Williams with a 59.356 in another red Corvette.

            B Street Ladies had three ladies fighting for the win. All three were driving red 1989 Corvettes. Third place went to Taylor Williams with a 64.422, but unfortunately with a cone which means it was scored as a 65.422. Second place went to Kelly Williams with a 61.468. Winner for the day was Penny Hubbard with a 60.780.

            C Street only had one driver Bill Tubbs. Bill was able to get a 65.582 which was good for first place.

            E Street was full of imports two from Japan and one from Italy. The class was won by Karl Hannah with a 63.027 in a Miata. Second place went to Jacob Yeager with a 64.385 in another Miata. Third place went to David Silveria with a 76.839 in an Alfa Romeo GTU. Now Davidís car looks a little rough, but pretty cool all the same.

E Street Ladies had one competitor Cat Rice driving a Miata R. She took first place with a 65.625.

F Street had one driver. Nathan Ollerenshaw in a 2018 Mustang GT. His best was a 67.432 which was good for first place.

G Street had a good turn out with four different drivers. Sherry Grant running the open class in her 88 BMW placed fourth with a 67.967. Third place went to Richard Chen in a GTI with a 67.170. Second place went to Chris Estrada in a Focus ST with a 60.920. The winner for the day was Steve Martgani in a GTI with a 60.116. Very close racing in this class. 

Well it seems like every time the season starts and gets going it is time for it to end. The next and last weekend for season points is at Thunderhill Sept 15th and 16th. The last event for the year is the Bill Fleig Enduro which also will be at Thunderhill on October 13th and 14th.   




Well thatís All Folks



Well another championship season comes to an end. First I need to thank the Sacramento Chapter Executive Board for putting on a great season. They never fail to impress. Looking at the season end results is always interesting to me. Starting off the class that had the most people show up and run was CAM T. CAM T had over the course of the season had 20 different drivers show up and run. The class with the most drivers at one event was F Street. In round 3 they had eleven drivers compete. The class with the most one hundred percent drivers was B Street. Doug Hubbard, Jay Williams and Charles Meyer will all be getting jackets this year. The closest margin of victory for season points was between Rick Brown and Tom Smiley in B Prepared. Tom beat Rick for the season by 40 points. The closest margin of victory for a single event was round 4 in D Street. Eric Martin and his black turbo Mustang ran a 60.227. John Bauer in a Type R Civic ran a 60.236. The difference in time was .009 of a second. Last the cone killer award this season is a five way tie between Sean Breese, Curtis Tyler, Mike Maier, Tom Smiley and Chris Estrada. All of them punished five cones on a single run. It just proves that they were pushing their cars to the limit and then a little more.

            The last event for the year is the Bill Fleig Enduro which will be October 13th and 14th at Thunderhill.


PAX Champions for 2018                            Ladies PAX Champions for 2018

1St place Al Patterson                                      1st Kelly Williams

2nd Jeff Glorioso                                              2nd Penny Hubbard

3rd Bob Weisickle                                            3rd Taylor Williams

4th Tom Smiley                                                4th Rachel Smiley-Martinez

5th Steve Martegani                                         5th Nicole Custodio

6th Rick Brown                                                6th Korynne Smith

7th Brad Fleig                                                  7th Susan Fontaine

8th Chris Estrada                                             8th Gale Smiley

9th Mark Heinrichs                                          9th Maria Lindberg

10th Kenneth Allen Mitchell                           10th Ingrid Ansell





Sacramento Enduro

(How do you make an autocross more fun? Make the runs extremely long.)

Well the final event of the year has come and gone. I unfortunately had family obligation and didnít make it. I had no less than seven different people contact me via text, email or phone calls to tell me how I missed the best event of the year. Since it was the Enduro you even got a trophy if you won your class.

Class winners were

SS Derek Hui

AS Mark Heinrichs

BS Steve Martegani

CS Maurice Velandia

DS Mark Scroggs

ES Kevin Quach

FS Ray Bareiss

GS Chris Estrada

GSL Pamela Kannan

HS Bill Tubbs

STS Michael Gleaton

STX Vincent Evoniuk

STR Charles Meyer

SSR EJ Fontaine

SSRL Susan Fontaine

CAMC Steve Howe

CAMT Curtis Tyler

CAMS Kenneth Allen Mitchell

CAMSL Penny Hubbard

XP Eric Smiley

BP Tom Smiley

DP Troy Dewell

EP Eric West

SM Robert Custodio

SML Nicole Custodio

SSM Doug Hubbard

BM David Winterburn

JA Luke French

Well now it can be said the season is done for the year. Big thanks goes out to all of the Sacramento board members for putting on another great season and finding us places to enjoy the hobby that we love so much. The awards banquet will be November 3rd























Round 1


Well nothing is more looked forward to than the start of the racing season. Nascar had their Daytona kick off race, F1 had the Australian Grand Prix, and with just a little less fan fair and money involved the Sac Chapter has their Mather Airfield event. Huge dark rain clouds threatened the first run group. All runs were completed with some dry pavement and a few areas of standing water. The second run group wasnít, so lucky. If you happen to be in the first three rows on grid you were able to get one dry run in before the rain started to fall. I started to feel bad for Luke Finnila who was driving an Exomotive Exocet which for the most part looks a lot like an Ariel Atom. During all of the rain fall Luke had no soft or hard top he could put on his car, he simply had to sit there and enjoy the shower.


Super Street comprised of a Corvette, a Viper and a Porsche. Tom Smiley and his Corvette won the class with a 45.670. Al Patterson came in second with a 46.056. Eric Smiley driving his dadís Corvette got third place with a 46.268. Con Nguyenís Porsche best was a 49.544. Tom stated he just thinks his car has a better computer than the others. Arguably between the three cars they have enough horsepower to go around. Racing in the rain the traction control systems definitely got a work out.


A Street had five cars and five drivers, all in a Chevrolet products. Waner Gorenzel best was a 63.165 in a Chevy Corvette Stingray. Roger Fellows and his Corvette Z06 was able to run a 55.993. Paul Fellows with his sponsored 2017 Chevy Camaro ran a 53.586. Now Paul was able to acquire two sponsors this year one of which is none other than the famous Vandelay Industries. A well know company that produces latex and latex related products. John ďThe Great OneĒ DeAngelis came in second with a 50.249 in a Chevy Corvette. Brad Fleig won the class with a 49.179 in a Chevy Corvette. If you want to run in A Street I think it is pretty clear you better stop by your local Chevrolet dealership.


B Street unlike A Street had a very strange combination of different cars. In the past we have all seen where a class is combined with another, but there always seems to be one car that is able to be just a little bit faster than the other cars making it the car to have. B Street was nothing less than a dog fight because at any one point anybody could have clinched the win. Tony Monoogan changed it up from his normal Corvette and was driving a Ford RS. His best was a 47.477. Mark Heinrichs was able to get his big C4 Corvette to run a 48.052. Darrel Huckabay ran a 48.521 in the only German car in the class a Porsche Boxer. Ken Pickett ran a 49.245. Steve Rounds ran a 50.271 in another Ford RS. Yongzhe Wen and his Evo 8 ran a 50.400. Ted Chapanianís best was a50.052 in an S2000. The class was won by none other than Doug Hubbard with a 47.441. I think Doug has had more sit time in his C4 Corvette than anybody, and he is pretty good at driving in the rain. Check last years Enduro results for farther proof of Dougís water racing abilities.


Here are the other class winners: CS = Mike Beech; DS = Ryan Grow; ES = Michael Jensen; FS = Kevin Grivich; GS = Karl Hannah; HS = Kao Ly; STS = Ralph Elder; STX = Brain Michaels; STR = James Carothers; STU = Vince Goehner; ASP = Josh Hawkins

                                                  BSP = Lanny Bowden; CSP = Toby Piper; ESP = Randy Grohosky; FSP = Eric Williams; SSR = EJ Fontaine; CAMC = Steve Howe; CAMT = James Fuhs; CAMS = Jeff Glorioso; XP = Carl Graf; DP = Michael Drouin

                                                  FP = Matt Nowzari; SMF = Richard Beare; SM = Thanat Phavindhu; SSM = Bob Weisickle; AM = Luke Finnila; FM = Doug Hargrove; ASL = Marie Lindberg; BSL = Penny Hubbard; CSL = Cheri Chord

                                                  FSPL = Donora Wichmann; SSRL = Susan Fontaine; CAMSL = Gale Smiley     



Our next event is April 29th and 30th at Mather Airfield.






Rounds 3 & 4



Well the Sac chapter was back at Mather Air Field for round 3 and 4 which at the current moment has to be one of the best autocross sites in Northern California. Big thanks to Sacramento Sheriffs department for allowing use to use their site in order for us to host the Police Action League event. There was a great turn out. Unfortunately the first run group was plagued with timer issues. The trailer kept getting false starts and false finishes. Most drivers had a throw away their first run. After realigning both the start and finish lasers, those of us in the trailer had no choice, but to call in Mr. Computer himself Bob Weisickle. Bob again checked the lasers and after three or four more starts than ended in screwed up times, Bob did the only thing left. He decided to turn the whole system off counted to ten and turned the whole system back on. Amazingly everything worked flawlessly.


D Street had the highest number of competitors with a total of ten. It is defiantly an interesting mix of cars. I noticed it seems the old Subaru WRX has found a class since half of the field was WRXs.  Andrew Wakeís best run was a 76.422 in a Lexus IS 350. Ryan Bender and his 2017 WRX finished with a 76.124. Josh Henwood in the ďother SubaruĒ a BRZ finished with a 75.913. Al Lu was able to beat out Henwoodís BRZ with itís twin a Toyota FRS with a 74.503. Taylor GLein grabbed fifth place in a WRX with a 74.319. Ryan Grow ran a 72.862 which gave him the fourth finishing position. Bryan Hiestand in another WRX took third place with a 72.847. Second place went to David Welborn in his WRX with a 71.589. Top honors went to Lloyd Feaver in the only German car in the field. Lloyd piloted his M3 to a 70.691 which almost is a second lead over the second place car.


E Street had five competitors which were all Miatas and one mustang. According to the online classes listed the mustang should have been running G Street if it was a V6 or good old F Street if it had a V8. None the less David Hunts and his 2002 mustang took 5th with an 84.210. The fourth place Miata was driven by Rod Gonzalez with a 74.742.

73.799 was good enough for third which is what Mike Drouin ran. Second place went to Mike Jensen with a 73.589. Davey Drouin won the class with a 72.210.


F Street better known as the pony car class was won by an import. Kevin Grivich in his Infiniti G37 took the top spot with a 71.083. Second place went to Keith Bullock in a 2014 Mustang with a 71.125. A Chevy SS not recorded, but I am going to guess a SS Camaro driven by Steven Martegani  took third with a 71.263. Only 1 thousandth separated the fourth place drive Matt Roy and his BMW with a 71.264. Gary Fazakas took fifth with a 71.896. Ben Eckels took sixth with a 74.853. In an almost new 2016 Mustang Don Vandendriesche took seventh with a 84.210.


Rounding off the Street classes in G Street there was two cars from Japan, one from Germany, and one Ford. Starting off Chris Nilsen in a Mazdaspeed 3 nailed an 80.072 which was good for fourth. Bob Lewis and his Ford Fusion ran a 79.062 which puts him in third place. Chris Estrada piloted his blue Celica GTS to second place with a 72.470. Only three hundreds faster than Chris was Karl Hannah and his GTI with a 72.448. I think Karla and Chris are going to be battling it out all year. Close competition always makes things a little more interesting.

Round 5 and 6 will be at the Stockton Fairgrounds. See you at the parking lot.     





Rounds 5 & 6

Stockton California 6-24-17

Air temperature 91 degrees

Round 5 Sacramento Auto X Series


            Unlike the four days before which were well into the 100ís the temperature stayed in the 90ís which was great. Tires reached the optimal temperature needed for maximum grip. The event chair was Kenny Yeo. Whoever designed the course must drive a small car. The course had a few big sweepers, but at the start of the course there was a very small left hand circle that had to be navigated twice before existing. Since I was driving a Miata for this event I had no complaints. Over all it was a great course and a great day for autocrossing.

            The Stockton Fair Grounds was having some other event inside the gates which made things very interesting. It was almost a kind of anthropological study of the general publicís intelligences. I never can understand why people think it is a good idea to try and walk across an autocross course while talking on their cell phones. I would think it would be very hard to miss the fact that there are cars lined up in an organized fashion, with people that sort of look official working on the course, and not to mention there is one or two cars barreling toward them as fast as they can go.  Needless to say we had to stop the event a few times to let people cross the course on foot to go the other event being held that day.


Street Touring R had five drivers all in either a Honda or a Mazda. Caleb Patterson was driving a Miata. His best and final run was a 55.089. Anthony Smith driving an S2000 received a DNF on his first run, but was able to clean up his next three runs and ran a 51.248 which was good for fourth. Tyler Watson running a Miata nailed a 50.155 which was good for second place. The class was won by Ruben Gonzalez in a Honda S2000 with a 46.765, which was a 3.390 second lead. Chris Slowik recorded a DNS for his Miata.


Street Touring U had two competitors which is great if you ran the class. It meant no matter what, you finished in the top two. Tobin Gallawa in a Mazda/Madzaspeed whatever that is, beat Zac Bishopís Subaru Sti by .201 of a second for the win.


B Street Prepared which is always a fun class to watch was full of Corvettes. Lanny Bowden, Ray Miller, and Kenny Yeo were all driving 80ís vintage Corvettes, and Roy Evens was the odd duck with a 1975 Corvette. Roy ran a 54.943 which was good for fifth place. Lanny ran a 44.862 which was not his fastest run, but it was his cleanest run which earned fourth place. Ray Miller on his final run nailed a 43.727. Champion for the day was Kenny Yeo with a 42.451.


C Street Prepared had Robin Merod and Mark Hinrichs sharing a Miata and both drivers were sponsored by Stay Tuned Motorsports. Mark took the win with a 45.284 over Robinís 47.869. If my memory serves me Robin owns the car, and it is his first year auto crossing. Robin said, ďI have  had done some open track events in the past, but most people donít push a car to the limit when there are concert walls you ďcouldĒ run into.Ē Between these two it will truly come down to driving skill.

F Street Prepared saw the battle of the hot hatchbacks of Eric Williams and Chris Gibson. Gison was driving a Volkswagen Rabbit and Williams was driving a Toyota Corolla GTS FX. At the end of the day the Toyota proved to be the faster car. Williamís ran a 45.269 beating Gibsonís 48.078. There is in fact a third unofficial driver in this class running the ladyís circuit Donora Wichmann, who ran a 46.024. Her run wouldnít have won the open class, but she always pax higher than the boys, so not to bad if you ask me.


Our next event will be at Thunderhill. Using this site will be a first for the Sacramento Chapter. It should be a lot fun.





Rounds 7 & 8

Well the first event at Thunderhill is over; letís start with the bad news. It was hot, a long way to tow/drive a vehicle, and work assignments were not the best.

Now for the good news when it is hot tires hug the road like no other, especially the banked turns on the race track. The tow/drive once you get above Sacramento there isnít anybody on the road, which is great. The club house had great air conditioning, and next time the showers will be turned on. The east course showers were working and at our disposal. Last this was HANDS DOWN THE BEST EVENT ALL YEAR.

Now for the great news Thunderhill is very excided to have the autocross community use their site. They even laid out a 9 or 10 archer slab for everybody to enjoy. It is a very very nice flat slab of asphalt. Some of the Sacramento board members got to take a test run on a course that was laid out by the Thunderhill staff. There was nothing, but smiles from everybody that participated. After the last run group on Saturday everybody got to take a parade lap around the west course track, which was awesome. The last thing that made this event simply epic was after all the racing was done for the day Saturday camaraderie of all the fellow racers that were hanging out and camping that night. Everybody generally had a great time.

It seems pretty evident that the Sacramento Chapter is going to be running events at Thunderhill. With the disappearance of good auto cross sites over the years Oakland, Golden Gate Fields, Candle Stick Park, and if you go way back the Pleasanton Fair grounds just to name a few. All the pros of using Thunderhill out weight the cons when looking to the future of auto crossing in Northern California. Yes it is a drive to Willows, but it is well worth it.

Being the newness of this venue and the course laid out the raw times and pax times are most interesting.

Top Ten Raw Times:

10th Kenneth Allan Mitchell CAMS Corvette

9th Doug Hagrove F Mod Red Devil

8th John Machado F Mod Red Devil

7th Tony Manzer BP Cobra

6th Al Patterson SS Viper ACR

5th Sean Breese CAMS Corvette

4th Bryan Stewart CAMS Corvette

3rd Bob Weisickle in a SSM Corvette Z06

2nd Ken Yeo B Street Prepared Corvette

1st Rick Brown BP Corvette


Top Ten PAX Times:

10th Bob Weisickle in a SSM Corvette Z06.

9th John DeAngelis in an AS Corvette

8th Jeff Glorioso CAMS Z06

7th Kenneth Allan Mitchell CAMS Corvette

6th Tom Smiley SS Z06

5th Rick Brown BP Corvette

4th Sean Breese CAMS Corvette

3rd Ken Yeo BSP Corvette

2nd Al Patterson SS Viper ACR

1st Bryan Stewart CAMS Corvette

The numbers really show that big tires, horsepower and one little formula car took that top spots. One thing that can be said if you came in first or last place everybody had a great time, and with auto crossing that is all that really matters. The next event will be back at the Stockton Fair grounds hope to see you there.

Davey Drouin



Round 9 & 10


Sacramento Chapter round 9 ďBack to StocktonĒ

Davey Drouin

Photos taken by Dave Jeffords @


Returning to Stockton is like going back to the old sandlot you use to play baseball at in the summer times as a child. Yeah there are nicer places to play, but the Stockton Fairgrounds have always been there for the Sacramento Chapter. It really wasnít that long ago that we raced full seasons at Mather Airfield, Cal Expo, and I even remember racing at McClellan Airfield. Those days are long gone, but Stockton has always left the light on for us, and given us a place to play.

            SSL was won by Gale Smiley in the family Z06 with a 45.257.

ASL had one competitor Marie Lindberg. She ran a 48.542 which was good for first place in class.

            BSL was little bit more of a fight to finish in the top positions. Katalina Eunice driving a C4 Corvette finished in fourth with a 49.301 with one cone. Taylor Williams was just a few seconds behind her Aunt with a 50.134 which was good for third place. Penny Hubbard took second place with a 48.029. The class winner was Kelly Williams with a 46.113. I think it is pretty clear that Kelly has yet to teach her niece ďALLĒ of the go fast tricks to driving a Corvette.

Cheri Chord who was piloting her Nissan 350z won CSL with a 49.949.

DSL was won by Korynne Smith in her BMW with a 51.683.

XPL was won by a little Lotus 7 with a turbo engine driven by Rachel Smiley


Now there was only one person officially entered into SSRL class, but there are two people who compare their run times regardless of the class they actually run in. Susan Fountaine ran a 44.245 which gave her the win in SSRL.  E.J. Fountaine ran a 44.441 which gave him the win for SSR. If there was a class just for the Fountaine family Susan would have been the champion today and E.J. would have taken second place. Fun was had by both as always.

The modified classes had one of the biggest turn outs in a long time six modified classes had drivers and all but one had multiple drivers.

A Mod had Mike Cilenti coming in second place with a 48.621. The champion was David Layne with a 45.084. They both were driving the O so feared 1990 Nemesis.

B Mod had two drivers a father son duo, with very close racing. . Davey Drouin ran a 44.998. Mike Drouin defeated his son with his fastest time of 44.983; margin of victory was .015 of a second.

E Mod had vehicles that you normally would see at an off road park not and autocross. Greg McNair took second place with a 44.172 in a VW Dune Buggy. Danny Ide took the over all win with a 43.882 in a Jeep. Yes, a Willies Jeep that is not a typo.

F Mod was an uncontested win for Doug Hargrove in his Ruth & Doug Special.

Street Mod had Derek Thacker and his Subaru WRX beating Brandon Adamsí Ford RS with a 43.893.       

            Super Street Mod had the dynamic duo of Bob Weisickle and Tom Nivison battling it out in Tomís Corvette. Tom ran a 42.887 which was pretty fast for the course, but Bob was able to find a second somewhere and ran a 41.815 for the win.

The Bill Fleig Enduro will be held at Thunderhill on October 14th and 15th see you there.







Wrap It Up a Season for the Books

Well where did the season go? Sacramento Chapter successfully put on a great season of autocrossing. The board members were really thinking outside of the box this year. They really changed things up and planted some seeds for the future of our sport. It is always interesting to look at the year end results of all the classes and cars that came out and raced.

The class with the highest number of entries was STR with 29 different drivers this season. Second place goes to Street Mod with 23 different drivers. The class with the highest one day event car count was a tie between STR in round 1 and Street Mod with round 2. Both classes had a 12 car turn out.

The closes margin of victory was in F Street round two. Steve Martegani and his Chevy SS ran a 71.263 which earned him third place. Right behind Steve was Matt Roy who ran a 71.264 which gave him fourth place. Do the math that is a difference of .001 of a second.

The one hundred percenter awards are going to: John DeAngelis, Darrel Huckabay, Karl Hannah, Chris Estrada Sr, Tobin Gallawa, Zac Bishop, EJ Fontaine, James Fuhs, Robert Tyler, Harold Olsen, Steve Mills, Bob Weisickle, Tom Nivison, Doug Hargrove, Penny Hubbard and Susan Fontaine.

We had two competitors that had perfect seasons, meaning they made one hundred percent of the events and took first place at every event. Both E.J. and Susan Fontaine driving the family Porsche received top honors.

Our Pax Champions are as follows. Tenth place went to Rick Brown and his BP Corvette. Ninth place went to Jeff Glorioso in his CAMS Corvette. Eighth place went to Chris Estrada Sr in his G Street Toyota Celica. Seventh went to Jay Williams in his B Street Corvette. Sixth place went to John DeAngelis in his A Street Corvette. Fifth place went to Brad Fleig in his A Street Corvette. Fourth place went to Karl Hannah in his G Street Volkswagen GTI. Third place went to Ken Yeo in his B Street Prepared Corvette. Second place went to Tom Smiley in his Super Street Corvette. The 2017 PAX Champion is Al Patterson in his new Super Street Viper.

One thing that will be different next year is the Sacramento chapter has had a long time friend of the club join us at our events. For the past 30 years Genie the owner and operator of Genieís Weenies is retiring. She has always had hot dogs, drinks and even dough nuts for us in the mornings. She said she will miss all her friends from the autocross community. We wish her well in retirement.

It has been a great season for autocrossing a big thank you goes out to all the board members for all the hard work they do through out the year. Last, thanks to the Hubbard family for letting us elect Doug as our President.







The "Bill Fleig Memorial" Enduro


Well they say lighting canít strike twice in the same spot. I beg to differ the Sac chapter has put on another great autocross event at Thunder Hill. The first event was back in July and used parts of the track, it was epic. This time the Sac chapter used the dedicated autocross pad which has to be one of the best autocross sites around.

            The Bill Fleig Enduro is not your normal autocross. The first day you get three runs with two laps each. The timers are running and laps are being recorded, but nobody really cares. The only thing anybody is watching is whose line is fastest. Day two of the event everybody gets one five lap run winner takes all. Trophies are award at the end the second day. It really changes the mind set and approach to autocrossing the old well I just need to get one good run doesnít work. Another thing that people tend to forget to do is count. Five laps doesnít seem that hard to remember, but when youíre in the thick of it, counting is something that can easy get mixed up.

The largest class of the day was CSP with five drivers. Starting off Ben French and his RX-7 ran a 156.57, but pulled a DNF. Enkhjargal ran a 161.113 in his Scion. Robin Merod in his ďStay Tuned MotorsportsĒ Miata ran a 147.879. Mark Heinrich sponsored by Stay Tuned Motorsports and Radial Tire Service ran a 143.680 in Merodís Miata. The winner was Troy Dewell in a 1999 Miata with a 139.459.

G Street was another dog fight for the trophy.  Christopher Nilsen ran a 160.242 plus one duck. Yongzhe Wen ran a 146.488 in his Focus ST which was good enough for third place. Chris Estrada Sr. ran a 145.803 his Toyota Celica. The class was won by Karl Hannah and his GTI. Karl ran a 143.786. Rumor has it Karl is going to be running ES in a Miata next year, and the Chris might be picking up a new autocross toy for next season.

I had to talk about Super Street Mod when I saw the results. When the Jedi Master has taught their young padawan everything they know it is only a matter of time before the padawan teaches their master a lesson or two. Tom Nivison bought a new race car and wanted to have someone to teach him the ins and outs of a high horsepower machine. Bob Weisickle has been co driving Tomís car all season and has been a great teacher. Bob has time and time again shown Tom that there is still time left on the table that he isnít finding on course. Bobís line and times have pretty much always been faster, but not today. Today was the day that the student taught the teacher a lesson. Tom took home the trophy with a 134.363 over Bobís 136.120.

It has been another great season with the Sac chapter they are always thinking outside of the box and putting on the highest caliber events. If you have never run with the Sac chapter it is worth the drive. See you next year.  


Class Winners:   

SS Alan Patterson

AS Brad Fleig

BS Tony Monoogan

CS Maurice Velandia

DS Bryan Hiestand

ES Chris Kannan

FS Logan Hensley

GS Karl Hannah

HS Bill Tubbs

STX Kenny K

STU Trung Hoang

BSP Ken Yeo

CSP Troy Dewell

ESP Andrew Barrious

SSR E.J. Fontaine

CAMC Steve Howe

CAMT Robert Tyler

CAMS Kenneth Allan Mitchell

XP Carl Graf

SM Rob Custodio

SSM Tom Nivision

AMOD Marcus McAfee

FMOD Douglas Hargrove

ESL Pam Kannan

BSPL Penny Hubbard

SSRL Susan Fontaine

SML Nicole Custodio












Rounds 1 & 2

Saturday morning weather  was perfect  for an autox. The Sacramento Chapter Board kick started the registration process as the parking lot filled up, and I mean filled up. By the end of the day 193 drivers would complete their  four runs. This generated around $4,000 donation to the Shriners Charity. Starting the season with the Shriners Charity event has become a Tradition for Sac Chapter. The funds donated over the past ten years is a source of pride for all members. Ken Yeo and Ray Miller wasted no time breaking in the new tires on the bright yellow corvette. Ken ending up with a 46.241 and the win in BSP while also setting the time to beat early in the first run group. Ray was second at 47.239 and Lanny Bowden took third in his 89 C4 corvette 47.642. It was a good day for bow tie fans. Chevys found their way to victory in twelve classes. Tom Smiley took his 2015 vette to the win in Super Street 49.860. Brad Fleig won A Street in his 2002 Z06 49.178. Jay Williams took B Street in a 89 vette 50.811. Bruce Hopkins won F Street in a 2014 Camaro SS 51.521. CAMS went to Randy Wonnenberg 07 corvette 48.407. Rick Brown in his 1990 corvette took BP 46.738. In Super Street Modified Tom Nivision won in a 03 corvette. Gale Smiley won SSL with a 2015 vette 53.421. Marie Lindbergh ASL in a 04 Z06 54.721. Kelly Williams took her bright red 89 vette to the win in BSL. Ingrid Ansell won CAML in her Crome bumpered 1972 vette 53.607. Winners in Street Classes were:  Jeff Andrade CS 98 BMW M3 51.438, Eric Hopkins DS 2013 Subaru WRX 52.400, Dennis Hubbard 2003 Mazda Miata 52.623,  Lawrence Danton GS 2016 Ford Focus ST 52.016, Zachary Trenes 86 Nissian 300ZX 55.651. Top times for Sunday looked like a throw back to the 1980's. Can't remember a lotus being in the top ten fast times since Rich Ursthel was driving his now retired lotus ťlan. Jarret and Bryan Nelson have brought their Lotus Exiges down to run Mather Field a number of times with at best mediocre results. They seem to have got the Lotus sorted  and drove it to 3rd and 4th fastest times of the day 46.733 and 47.300 in SSP Rick Brown did a little sorting of his own on the BP Corvette and drove it to second fastest time of the day 46.511 in BP. Eric Smiley took his Lotus seven to 5th fastest time in OSP 47.348. There seems to be a resurgence in real race cars (I can see the tires when I drive it) this year. Eric's car is really a Motus...... Turbo Miata powered seven. Lanny Bowden had his Hotus, Honda motorcycle powered seven on site. He is trying to sort it to run BM. Keith Kirkwood ran his Ford powered Caterham 7. AM went to David Layneinhis 1990 Kawasaki powered formula B Nemesis 49.849. BM was Noel Ameele in his vw powered buggy 49.739.  Douglas Hargrove drove his F440 to the win in FM 48.470. Gary Ratliff had his fast and fun to watch dune buggy running EM, he really works hard through the corners but when he punches the go pedal the power to weight takes over for  amazing straight line speed. F125 shifter kart was won by Steve Slinkarb 50.453. Junior kart A Marcus McAfee 48.033. Junior B 61.973. In closing its a new year but something things haven't changed Bob Weisickle drove his EM Austin Healy to top time of day on Saturday and Sunday. He is defiantly moving in the right direction, his victory margin is now a little over three seconds......smokin fast!


Rounds 3 & 4


Usually the best way to start an argument with anyone who auto X's is to bring up the subject of PAX. In this case I think it settles the argument " who was the best driver". Tom Smiley was # 1 pax on Saturday running 53.808 in his brand new SS corvette Z06. Then backed it up again on Sunday with #1 pax in SS and ran the family lotus seven in a FOSP, fun run to the #2 pax. No matter how you slice it, his driving ability set the pace on a pretty impressive groups of drivers. In case you wonder.....the lotus had the faster time. STS was filled with Mazda Miatas. Nathan Gabril drove his number 135 1993 Miata to the win  on his third and only clean run 57.579. Brian Michaels saved his best for last. He pushed his 2009 Audi A3 Quattro to a 59.704 for the win in STX. STR went to Derek Hui in his 2001 Honda S2000, 59.844. In STU it was Juven G Lat running a 56.585 in his 1997 BMW M3. Jeff Thompson drove his 2008 Mustang  59.107 taking first in STP. Gale Smiley led the way with a 55.447 in SSL. Marie Lindbergh won ASL 61.536. The ever competitive BSL win went to Penny Hubbard 58.491. The changes in elevation at Mather field that go pretty much unnoticed in most classes create an interesting challenge for the kart classes. Debbie Owen took her F125 shifter kart to the win in KML 57.875. KM was won by Steve Slinkard 53.116. Always fast Marcus McAff won JA with a time of 57.629. Ethan Vahle took the win in JB 77.184. Spoiler for Saturday had to be Josh Gracia  beating the field of Miatas with his Datsun 510 taking the win in DP with a very respectable 54.938 Sacramento Police Activity League was the benefactor from Saturday's event. I did not mention that the Mather course ran south to north. The pit was at the extreme south end and the very long course extended  to the very limit of the north side. If you have run Mather before this is reverse of the normal set up. I think the Sunday course was probably one of the better I have seen at Mather. It was fast, fun and challenging without one of those " that corner just did not work" a lot of courses have. Competitive times were just under the one minute mark for most cars. Car count was down a little from the 131 on Saturday to 110. Craig Boyle drove his 2006 Miata to a .046  margin of victory in ES running a 64.238 to Dennis Hubbards 64.284 in his 2002 Miata. That was not the closest contested group STF was won by a .031 margin. D'John Keith ran a 68.928 in his VW golf beating Chis Tableros Acura integra 68.959. D'John pulled off the win on his fourth and final run. Mark Heinrich lost his camaro and is driving a 1991 corvette, the short time off did not seem to have much effect on his driving ability. He took the win in very competive BS field running 62.785. In one of the biggest fields of the day A STREET  Rory Marin won in a 02 corvette 60.289 . Second went to Brad Fleig , 02 corvette Z06 61.100 . Third  was Josh Hawhing in 2007 Porsche 911, 62.928. Forth John DeAnglesis 2005 corvette 63.770. Fifth Roger Fellows Z06 corvette 68.419. Gale Smiley had the fast time in SSL running a 62.300. Debbie Owen piloted her F125 kart to a 62.887 for the win in KML. Donora Wichmann ran a 63.077 for the win in FSPL driving a 1987 Toyota FX16. Both Saturday and Sunday, flat out fast..........Bob Weisickle was the man to catch and nobody did Next events five and six are at Stockton Fairgrounds.

Let me part by saying thanks to John Kelly for all he did to promote autox in SFR.  I ran an AP lotus Europa against him in his lotus seven, for a number of years never did beat him, he was a very competitive guy and a heck of a driver.





Rounds 5 & 6

If you have not been to Stockton Fair Grounds lately you would not recognize it. All of the trees and planters have been removed. The fence and planter that ran east west are gone. They have graded leveled and graveled a Hugh area. If they would take the next step  and pave it the autox course could be tripled in size. Wishful thinking most likely. Seventy eight  racers showed up Saturday to take there four runs at round five. The course had a Indy theme couple of Hugh ovals then dumped out into a twisty road course that include a slalom . Fast gals were Gale Smiley taking top pax and posting a time of 46.557 taking the win in SSL in her 2016 Corvette Z06. Kelly Williams slipped into the second pax driving her 1989 Chevrolet Corvette to a 47.995 for the win in BSL. Penny Hubbard was third pax in her Chevrolet Corvette 48.695 running BSL. Donora Wichmann drove her 1987 Toyota FX-16 to the win FSPL with a time of 48.159. Marie Lindbergh took the win in ASL driving her Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to a time  of 50.669 I happy to say this years open pax is turning into a real no holds barred dog fight . Seems to be several drivers that can take the top spot, but they need the perfect run. One little bobble and they drop to some where  in to the top twenty! Saturday  Ken Yeo showed everyone how it was done . He took his BSP corvette to top pax with a 43.449. Tom Smiley followed him with a win in SS driving  his corvette Z06 to  a 45.070 and second in pax. Bob Weisickle took the third pax with his 1956  Austin healey to a 41.184 which was TTOD. Fourth in pax was Lanny Bowden . He was second in BSP driving his 1989 corvette C4 to a 43.910 Rounding out the top five was  Al Patterson. Al drives a 2006 Dodge Viper in SSP. His time was a 43.198 A few other honorable mentions that cracked the top twenty PAX. Eric Smiley has got a handle on his lotus seven he took the win  in OSP was twelfth pax at 44.005. Vince  Goehner drove his 2015 Subaru Sti to a46.378 taking a win in STU and number  thirteen pax. John DeAngelis  was number fifteen pax running 47.313  which got him second in AS . Number twenty was Marcus McAfee driving his snow kart to the win in JA 45.368. Other classes  wins on Saturday went like this Jay Williams took BS in a corvette 47.471. Jeff Andrade BMW M3 49.125 in CS. Yongzhe Wen, Subaru Impreza WRX wagon 51.067 in DS. Davey Drouin ,1994 Mazda Miata 50.225 in ES. Gary Fazekas 2012 Mustang 47.559 win in FS and number ten pax. Chris Estrada Sr. 2000 Toyota Celicia 49.504 GS. Zachary  Ternes 1986 Nissian 300zx 52.054 HS.

Round six on Sunday as is the tradition in SAC chapter was reverse of Saturday. With a few changes, still four runs to sort out the fast way around. The new course suited Kelly Williams just fine. She took the ladies top pax 46.766 and the win in BSL. Gale Smiley won SSL and took the second pax . Donora Wichmann and her 87 Toyota both like the new course and she drove to third pax winning FSPL with a 46.598. Open results the names were the same but the places changed. Bob Weisickle took top pax in his EM Austin healey. Bob is the only one that manages the triple crown......TTOD,TOP PAX, class winner. Ken Yeo took second pax 42.223 win in BSP Al Paterson brought his "A game" took the third pax and win in SSP. Ray Miller took fourth pax  43.282. Fifth pax went to Gary Tran in an STS Mazda Miata 44.933. Other class wins on Sunday Tony Smith 2007 Honda S2000 51.890 in STR. Vince Goehner 2015 Subaru Sti  44.844 STU. Robert Custodio 2003 Subaru WRX 47.443 ASP. Toby Piper 2008 Mazda Miata 49.125 CSP. Andrew Barrious 2005 Pontiac gto 47.252 ESP. Eric Williams 1987 Toyota FX16 46.397 FSP. Eric Smiley 1960 lotus super seven 42.731 OSP. Rick Oates 1970 Dodge Dart 49.441 CAMT? Jennifer Hobaught 2003 Chevy Corvette 48.843 CAMS. Carl Graf 2004 Nissian 350z 49.038. Rick Brown corvette 42.580 BP. Steve Mill  1971 Datsun 240z 48.701. Gary Mendenhall Austin Healy Sprite  50.543 HCR? Bob Weisickle is looking for someone to challenge him for TTOD short of breaking his car, which he does on occasion he has the car and the driving to beat. I hope the city of Stockton and San Joaquin county get together and decide to pave all of the parking lot, turning it into the premier autox site in nor cal. Next up rounds seven and eight , four runs at the Stockton Fairgrounds.




Rounds 7 & 8


Stockton California July 30th 2016 average day time temperature 94 degrees with humidity of 17%. It was a good day for racing.

A Street was dominated by Brad Fleig. His first run had a duck, but the scratch was faster than his competition, and he simply knocked more time off with each run. His best was a 48.495.B Street was won by Mark Heinrichs is his new to him grey blue C4 Corvette. Mark was able to best Ken Pickettís 49.966 with a 48.908. I use to race against Mark in CP and am very glade I donít run the same class with him anymore. Mark could always find a faster line than I ever could, and if you canít beat them change classes. John Hancock won C Street in his Subaru BRZ by hundredths of a second over Jeff Andradeís BMW. John ran a 50.439 and Jeff ran a 50.478. Dennis Hubbard being the only Miata to run E Street took the class with a 50.759. Matt Roy won F Street with a BMW M3. Most know that F Street historically has been an American muscle class, but a German V8 is still a V8. Matt nailed a 49.828 for first place over William Linís 50.270. What do you get when a German car, Japanese car, and an Italian car show up to an autocross?? Well that would be G Street of course. Chris Estrada and his Toyota Celica was able to beat Karl Hannahís VW GTI and Bill Tubbs Fiat with only 2 tenths of a lead, but a win is win. Chris has a little bit of an advantage because he has been driving his Celica for as long as I have known him. You can buy all the go fast parts you want, but you canít buy seat time. It probably has been a long time since a Nissan 300zx has been the front runner, but in H Street that is exactly how it panned out. Zachary Ternes and his beautify repainted 1986 300zx won H Street with a 53.871.Now everybody has to remember auto-crossing is racing and you wear a helmet for a reason. If you were there in the morning you found out why when my dad rolled his Anglia. Like the great Indiana Jones once said, "Flying thatís easy landing is the hard part." Now there were many factors that all went into play and unfortunately they all ended with a negative out come of the carís tail end leading a roll over the side of the car, but lucky for dad he was no worse for wear. He got his bell rung and took a trip down to the county hospital, which he didnít want to do. In the end everything checked out fine. To be honest we had gotten back home a little bit before 1:30 and had the car out of the trailer. He wanted to load our Miata and go back to run E Street in the afternoon run group. I thought it would be a better idea to call it a day.

The rest of the class wins.

STS Nathan Gabriel 49.149     STR Charles Meyer 48.530     STU Vince Goehner 48.158     SSP Jeff Glorioso 46.187     ASP Robert Custodio 50.733     BSP Ken Yeo 45.924

CSP Toby Piper 51.588     ESP Andrew Barrious 50.204     FSP Eric William 48.120     OSP Eric Smiley 46.870     SSR E.J. Fontaine 48.480     CAMT Matthew 51.177

XP Carl Graf 52.419     BP Rick Brown 46.007     DP Jason Trantham 48.081     FP Steven Parmley 49.838     SM Derek Thacker 48.982     SSM Tom Nivison 46.929

AMod David Layne 47.658     BMod Noel Ameele 46.396     EMod Bob Weisickle 42.424     FMod Doug Hargove 46.567     JA Marcus McAfee 45.857    

SSL Gale Smiley 49.876     ASL Marie Lindberg 52.688     BSL Barbara Howard 57.862     CSL Cheri Chord 58.644     FSPL Donora Wichmann 49.043     SSRL Susan Fontaine 48.203

Next event is August 27th see you in the parking lot.




Rounds 9 & 10

SCCA Sacramento Autocross Chapter Round 10

August 28, 2016 Stockton Fairgrounds Stockton, California

Temperature high 90 degrees humidity 30%

There were 79 drives to hit the asphalt to try and clam victory for the day.

Well classes come and go, but the newest class to the autocross family is the CAM classes. With three classes to choose from it gives people with old hot rods at home a place to come out and autocross their cars. Most of all it is a lot of fun to watch these cars race because you never know what is going to show up. I know it wonít be long before there will be purpose built CAM autocross cars, but at this time the cars really seem to be true blue hotrods that people still drive on the street sometimes. CAM C was won by CJ Moody in his Ford Ranger pick up truck. Cam S was a race between Jeff Gloriosoís 2003 Corvette and Mike Ansellís 1972 Corvette. Now Jeff won by three seconds with a 42.590 compared to Mikeís 45.800, but I know Mike has been working on his car. I would be willing to bet that he will be closing the gap quickly. Mike has even stalled working on an E-mod Spitfire project in order to focus on his CAM Corvette. CAM S ladies was won by Ingrid Ansell with a 49.044. CAM T had the most participation and was won by a 1969 Pontiac Firebird driven by Matthew Klein. Matt was able to best a 1970 Dodge Dart, and a Chevy C-10 pick up. Marge of victory for Matt was a slim 0.135 of a second over Rick Oatsí Dodge Dart. Another new class Heritage Classic Race (HRC) was won by Gary Mendenhall. Gary and his Austin Healey Sprite beat Bob Bullockís Fiat X 1/9. Street Touring R which on this weekend could be called the Honda S2000 class was won by Derek HUI. Derekís first run was a 45.091 and stood as his fastest. I am going to guess his tires like to be cold rather than warm. Second place went to Charles Meyer, and his S2000 with a 46.211. Third place went to Tony Smith and his S2000 with a 47.679. James Carothers had a pair of DNFís, a run with a cone and one clean run. His fastest was a 47.842 which was good for fourth. Donít forget October 15 and 16 is the autocross Enduro. If you have never done it itís worth a try. Trophies are given out to the Enduro class winners on Sunday. With that I will leave you will a quote. "Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." Steve McQueen

Other Class Winners: SS Tom Smiley; AS Brad Fleig ; BS Mark Heinrichs ; CS John Hancock ; DS Bryan Hiestand ; ES Chris Kannan ; FS Gary Fazekas ; GS Karl Hannah ; HS Zachery Ternes ; STF DíJohn Keith

STX Al Lu ; STU Juven Lat ; SSP Al Patterson ; BSP Ken Yeo ; CSP Toby Piper  ; ESP Andrew Barrious ; FSP Eric Williams ; SSR E.J. Fontaine ; XP Carl Graf ; BP Rick Brown ; CP Jay Zwetz ; SM Troy Stevenson

SSM Tom Nivison ; BM Noel Ameele ; EM Bob Weisickle ; FM Douglas Hargove ; JB Ethan Vahle ; SSL Gale Smiley ; ASL Marie Lindberg ; SSRL Susan Fontaine ;


Written by Davey Drouin  Pictures by Kristen Fuller


Rounds 11 & 12


Well as the season winds to a close the same conversations always pop up: what are you going to do in the off season, what upgrades are you planning on doing to your car, are you planning on getting a new car, and the most dreaded of all retirement. One of our truly autocross faithful is going to be hanging up his helmet. Well semi retiring. Gary Mendehall has decided to turn his Austin Healey back into a street car and focus on weekend cruses with his British car buddies. He did say that he would come and autocross once in awhile when he got the itch. Gary is leaving on a high note as he did win HCR class this year.

Looking at the year end results always is kind of interesting. The class with the most people to compete in was C-Street with 32 different entries, but not all at the same event unfortunately. The class with the most single event entries was again C-Street with 16 racers showing up on Round 2. The class with the most 100%ers was BSP with Kenny Yeo, Ray Miller, Lanny Bowden, and Harold Olsen all earning jackets this year. Classes that had total domination and perfect seasons by the class winners were FSP with Eric Williams, BP by Rick Brown, and E-Mod by Bob Weisickle. Tom Nivison did win his class, but Al Patterson stole his perfect season away. Al beat Tom in Round 2 giving Tom one second place finish and a whole bunch of first place finishes for the season. I think the class that had the biggest difference in age has far as the cars go would have to be CAMS with Jeff Gloriosoís 2003 Corvette and Mike Ansell 1972 Corvette. Thatís a difference of 31 years. Jeffís newer Vette did win the class, but there are a few rumors that need to be addressed. Yes, Jeff did run his AC on hot days, and yes he did use GPS if he got lost in the sea of cones. Wouldnít you? Mike was always pretty close and he has all winter to figure out how to make their times that much closer. He has a good friend named Mr. Mike Maier who helped with some suspension updates. With a few tweaks here and there to the suspension and I am sure Mike will be running faster times. The closest margin of victory goes to F-Street in round 6. William Lin and his 1LE Camaro beat Bruce Hopkins and his Camaro SS by .005 of a second. The widest lead of the year was Tom Smiley running OSP in round 2. Tom beat the second place car by 15.752 seconds. The most unlucky lead was Dennis Hubbard running E-street in round 9. Dennis posted a 47.790 and Chris Kannan posted a 48.456, which gives Dennis a lead of 0.666. A very unlucky number if you ask me.

Well the last event is the Bill Fleig Enduro October 15 and 16. Iíll see you in the parking lot.

Class winners for the season: SS Tom Smiley; AS Brad Fleig; BS Mark Heinrichs; CS Jeff Andrade; DS Yongzhe Wen; ES Dennis Hubbard; FS Gary Fazekas; GS Chris Estrada Sr.; HS Zachery Ternes  

                         STF DíJohn Keith; STS Nathan Gabriel; STX Brian Michaels; STR Charles Meyer; STU Vince Goehner; SSP Al Patterson; ASP Robert Custodio; BSP Ken Yeo; CSP Toby Piper

                         DSP Mark Bardosh; ESP Andrew Barrious; FSP Eric Williams; OSP Eric Smiley; SSR E.J. Fontaine; CAM-C CJ Moody; CAM-T Rick Oates; CAM-S Jeff Gloroioso; XP Carl Graf

                         BP Rick Brown; CP Jay Zwetz; DP Josh Garcia; FP Steven Parmley; HCR Gary Mendenhall; SM Troy Stevenson; SSM Tom Nivison; AM Mike Caliento; BM Noel Ameele

                         EM Bob Weisickle; FM Doug Hargrove; KM Steve Slinkard; FJA Marcus McAfee; FJB Ethan Vahle;

                         SSL Gale Smiley; BSL Penny Hubbard; CSL Cheri Chord; ASPL Nicole Ho; FSPL Donora Wichmann; CAM-SL Ingrid Ansell; KML Debbie Owen

***** Class Winners this is assuming the right number of events were attended and all other factors are correct*****



Well it was cold and raining very hard, perfect weather for all wheel drive cars with studded tires. Unfortunately we were having an autocross, and most cars except street mod were not all wheel drive. Hunting for the least amount of standing water is what separated the winners from everybody else. The Bill Fleig Enduro is a two part event the first day drivers get three two lap practice runs. There is no scoring, and times donít count for anything. Day two drivers get one five lap run, fastest driver in each class is awarded a trophy. It really can put the pressure on a driver that is normally not found in autocrossing. Normally if you have a bad run well you can learn from your mistake and do better on your remaining runs. This is far from the case on day two, one mistake, spin, cone or DNF and your time suffers with out any kind of recourse.

B Street was won by Doug Hubbard in a 1989 Corvette beating out Kenny Kuoís Mitsubishi Evo, Steve Rounds Focus RS, and Mark Heinrich"s 91 Corvette. Weather condition being as they were nice job Doug, because there were two very capable all wheel drive turbo cars which one would guess would have claimed the victory.

D Street was a battle of Subarus. Bryan Hiestand beat Youngzhe Wen and took second place in pax over all.

Things got a little interesting in E Street with this seasonís class winner Dennis Hubbard pulling a DNF. Chris Kannan was able to best everybody and keep his Miata out of the largest puddles to take the win.

I am not going to say it was a miracle, but I am pretty sure you would have to dig through the achieve pretty deep to find a day G Street or what use to be G Stock had the top PAX car. That is exactly what Karl Hannah did. Karl was able to stay in front of Bill Tubbís Fiat, and Chris Estradaís Celica with a 220.960 for the win. He also beat one Andrew Hannah who was driving the same VW GTI. There is no victory better than one where you beat someone driving the same car as you. It gives you the right to walk a little taller and hold your head up high. Great job Karl!

BSP was nothing less than a dog fight. When you have high horsepower, rear wheel drive cars that normally run on racing slicks you better have an ace up your sleeve on a rainy day. Ray Miller came in fourth with a 244.546. Ken Yeo posted a 236.250 which was good for third. Lanny Bowden got the message about having an ace up his sleeve, so he brought a set of Hooser rain slicks that worked great. Lanny was able to run the course in 223.302, but his co driver was just that much faster than him. Brian Michaels ran a 218.445 and took the trophy home.

With the final event done I think a special thanks needs to go out to all of the Sacramento Chapter board members. Thank you. See you next year.







Rounds 1 & 2

NASCAR has Daytona and Sacramento chapter of SCCA has Mather Field. Both start race season of in a grand way. The course was long fast and challenging with a couple of very long fast left hand sweepers that tested the courage to keep that right foot planted . Street Mod had a huge turn out twelve driving chasing Corey Englehardt who won it with a 57.215 in his Subaru STI followed by Derek Thacher 60.709 and John Hancock 59.026 plus one cone. E Street got right down to business the Craig's switched to a front wheel drive running a Honda Civic. I ask Jacob how he liked the front wheel drive he rolled his eyes and said " this is the other son, his first auto x we are using his car" I got the feeling he preferred the old rear wheel drive Miata. Top time in class was Barry Harrson in his NB Miata  with David in Second. In a close battle for third Mike Drouin 66.302 got smoked by Rod Gonzales when on his forth and final he posted a 66.300. Which mean Rod took by just .002 of a second. C Street went to to 60.344  then Joshua Monforte  62.601 in a 03 blue scion F Street went to Mario Castellanos in his Datsun 280z Ken Yeo prevailed in BSP taking the corvette to  the first 55 of the day running a 55.492 plus one followed by Harold Olson 56.181 and Ray Miller.

Rounds 3 & 4

Rounds three and four at Stockton Fairgrounds started with a skid pad right hand 360 that led to a very fast fun course.Round three saw Rick Brown post top pax time with a 34.928 in his BP 1990 Chevrolet Corvette with Bob Weisickle right on his heels at 33.595 in his EM 1956 Austin healed. Tom Smiley was third PAX in his 1965 Chevrolet Corvette running 35.370.Round four on Sunday Rick Brown could not quite get the slaloms down and wound up third PAX at 35.235. Tom Smiley kicked it up to second in PAX with 34.977 and Bob Weisickle showed us all how to thread the needle with top PAX 33.226.The kart classes are staying healthy this year and the drivers are pushing the times , every run is a little faster and fourth final fastest is pretty common. In FJA  Marcus McAfee led with a 38.543 and Justin McAfee was second 38.672. FJB went to Liam Lacer 50.200 followed by Ethan Vahle 50.629 The nemesis was back in AM the six cylinder Kawasaki engine sounded wicked and David Layne drove to the win with a 36.805 followed by Mike Cilenti with a 39.211 STR was packed with Garage Star sponsored cars Ken Raif led the nine car field with a 40.212 followed closely by Jack Parker in his 2007 MX5  hitting a 40.622. The rest went like Ronnie Fortes 02 Miata 41.548 , Maline Graham 93 MX5 42.259 , James Schmidt 00miata 42.629 , Raur Becerra 99 Miata 43.202 , Tony Smith 07 S2000 43.998 , Joshua Dennis 04 Rx8 44.923 , Corbin Smith 99 Miata 45.849 BS  was led by Jay Williams in his 1989 corvette 38.916 then Doug Hubbard 1989 corvette 39.386 followed by Vince Goehner in his 2015 Subaru STI  39.656 . Vince jumped right back into the groove after taking a couple years off, showing his new car no mercy.Vince's old car 2000 Honda S2000 is now in the capable hands of Jonathan Zulim who is trying to breath new life into it and find a class. It's sure to get sorted and be fast, Jonathan is the lead mechanic at Lodi Honda and handles all of the S2000 the dealership services. He knows his way around Hondas.BS ladies is always fast and close when Kelly and Penny go at it. Kelly Williams won the week end running 39.876 on Saturday and 39.578 on Sunday. Penny Hubbard was knocking on the door both days running 40.037 Saturday and 39.754 Sunday. My limited math skills tell me that was about 3 tenth of a second difference all weekend.AS round three went to Roger Fellows in his 2012 Z06 38.616 followed by Bob Imrisek 2003 Z06 38.949 then Tony Monoogan  2008 corvette 39.654 on Sunday round four, Bob picked up the pace and took first with a 38.876 , Tony ran a 39.571 for second and Roger ran third at 40.059 Marie Lindberg took ASL both days in her 2012 Chevrolet Corvette 40.438 and 39.720 on Sunday Gail Smiley was the fastest double winner in her 1965 flat black corvette taking BPL both days with 36.230 then taking a tenth more to slip it through the slalom on Sunday running 36.348. Gail Smiley was top PAX both rounds 3 and 4 in BPL.

Rounds 5 & 6

Saturday morning discussion  in the trailer was originally focused on trying to figure out who was responsible  for setting up turn one. Then Al Patterson punched his viper over the legendary Stockton fairground hump, near airborne threw it side ways and slipped through  turn one looking like a stunt driver for a Fast and Furious movie.  Someone said "that looked like a pretty good line" and everyone moved away from grumbling about turn one.
For his effort Al got the win in SSP he bested Jeff Glorioso's 03 vette by .06 seconds. Al got 34.875 Jeff got 34.885. Rounding out the top three was Tosh Yumae in his 2014 Porsche gt3 running a 37.025.In XP Carl Graf took the win in his 04 Nissan 350z 38.106 over JB Parker driving his 95 Chevy powered BMW m3. The BMW is coming round it is a demon in a straight line but, terminal under steer made it a hand full to drive.
EM went to Bob Weisickle in his rapid and getting faster Austin Healey, now with V-6 power and loosing a few pounds. His 32.582 was TTOD for round five. Second went to Joe VanSickle in his Miata running a 38.926. SS winner was Jason Trantham in a 06 Corvette with a time of 37.849. Followed by Dominique Reola in a 04 Porsche 911 gt3 39.997 and Tony Crivello 07 Corvette ZO6 40.835
Doug Hardgrove took FM in the R&D special running a 34.586. Winner in BP and top Pax of the day went to Tom Smiley in his black 1965 Corvette 33.805. Then Rick brown 34.403 1990 Corvette followed by the only ford Ken McCullock in his 1966 Cobra 35.114 and Mike Ansell driving the family 1972 corvette. Mike has been trying to get his Corvette into trim to run the CAM class, we both agreed that in order to run Classic American Muscle the vehicle should have a generous portion of CHROME. Which the 1972 Corvette does. The 72 body style just screams American Muscle.
Late model American muscle ESP went to Steve Howe in his  2006 GTO running a 38.423 then Andrew Barrious 2005 GTO 38.954 and Greg Seid 2000 Mustang 39.187. Classic English Muscle GP saw Gary Mendenhall push his 1966 spridget to the win 41.228.In FSP Curtis Yamanaka is the brunt of a lot of HERBIE jokes, until they see him and his VW bug on course, he took the win 40.133 second went to Emillio Pico 98 Honda prelude 45.032. BSP went to Harold Olson in his 1996 Corvette 35.034 he was the third highest Pax on Saturday. Followed by Ken Yeo 35.250 and Ray Miller 35.659
Street class winners include Eric Hopkins in DS 2013 WRX also PAX eleventh. Eric Ramirez in CS 2003 Nissan 350z twelfth PAX. Vince Goehner BS 2015 Subaru STI fourteenth PAX. Craig Boyle ES 2000 Miata fifteenth PAX. Sunday's course was a little more open but longer. ASL went to Marie Lindberg 2012 Corvette ZO6 49.452 followed by Deby Harris 2011 Ford GT 500 56.287
BSL which is always close went to Penny Hubbard in her 1989 Corvette 48.551 which gave her the number two PAX followed very closely by Kelly Williams in her 1989 Corvette 49.002. Barbara Pickett took BSL"R" in her 1991 Corvette 51.678. Other fast Ladies on Sunday were Susan Fontaine in her 2007 Porsche 911s winning RL and setting top PAX of the day 46.676. Second in RL was Barbara Pickett 1991 Corvette 52.587.
Gale Smiley won BPLin her 1965 corvette 45.756 also third PAX followed by Ingrad Ansell 1972 Corvette 52.587. Like to thank the sponsors that help keep the cars running they include North Star Corvettes, A/R Performance, Mike Mair Inc. , Rancho Cerveza Brewing, Auburn Tire, Sacramento Contact Lens, Dry Creek 76
Always fast in a Miata Jack Parker is taking it to the next level, now running a DP Miata he won the class with a 47.513.Josh Garcia in his immaculately prepared 1973 Datsun 510 second in DP.Steve Mill in his 1971 Datsun 240z took the win in FP.BM competitor Noel Ameele finally got his car back in one piece after an extensive rebuild including a switch to coil over suspension

Rounds 7 & 8

The weather was warm enough  to really get the tires working for rounds Seven and Eight held at Stockton Fairgrounds. The course was a couple laps around a giant kidney bean that feed to a fast slalom into a sweeping left with a tight left right left finish. Susan Fontain and Bob Weisickle  led the pack both days. Susan in her 2007 Porsche 911s running RL and Bob in his 1956 Austin Healey running EM. Saturday morning  started off with Jack Parker taking his DP Miata to a 47.529 for the win followed by Josh Garcia 48.756 in his Datsun 510. D Street went to Eric Hopkins in his 2013 Subaru WRX at 49.863. Mike Daughter in a 2010 Mini Cooper S was second with a 50.787. Andrew Gutilerrez was third running a 51.063 in his Subaru WRX. STX first was William Lin in a 2013 Fiat Abarth 49.846, second was Zachary Ternes 54.187 in a 1986 Nissan 300ZX Nathan Gabriel took the win in STS in a 1993 Mazda maita . STR was handled by Kulana Cummungs in his 1990 Miata at 53.259. Chris Ly in his 1997 Miata at 55.739 took second. Karts are still fielding large groups with FJA being won by Marcus McFee in a respectable 49.360. Justin McFee second 49.946. Daniel Lacer third 51.326. FJB was led by Jillian Hubbard 58.925. Ethan Vahle 65.777 second and Liam Lacer third with a 68.635. CS had an interesting mix with Eric Ramirez in a 2003 Nissan 350z taking the win with a 49.399 followed by Mike Beech in his 2013 Miata 51.819 and Pat Hughes in a 1996 Porche 911 Targa 52.221 GS was a close one with Chris Estrada Sr pushing his 2000 Toyota Celica GTS to 51.045 and the win by .178 seconds  over Bill Tubbs in a 2013 Fiat Abarth 51.223 Corvettes got Sunday morning off to a fast start a mix of BP and BSP pushing to the top times. Rick Brown took the win in BP turning a 41.956, good enough for second  in PAX. The BSP vettes filling in right behind him with Ken Yeo first in BSP and third PAX 43.225 followed by Ray Miller BSP second 43.436  and fourth PAX . Tom Smiley BP ran a 42.739 second in class and Fifth PAX. Al Patterson running a 2006 Dodge Viper in SSP won the class at 43.453 and was sixth PAX. The Fast ladies on Sunday were led by Susan Fontain in her Porsche 911s running 38.868 in RL with Barbara Pickett 1991 Corvette 42.963 second Gayle Smiley took BPL in her  1965 Corvette 44.152 followed by  Ingred Ansell  in her 1972 Corvette 51.101 ASL went to Marie Lindberg in a 2012 Corvette Z06 49.465 Penny Hubbard in a 1989 Corvette won BSL  49.101 AS open swapped back and forth a couple of times and ended up with Tony Monoogan topping the class at 47.301 in his 2008 corvette followed by Brad Flag in his 2002 Z06 47.745 and Roger Fellows in his 2012 Z06 48.266. BS was Doug Hubbard in a 1989 Corvette 48.635. Kevin Grivich  pushed his 2010 Infiniti G37 to the win in FS 48.506. Bruce Hopkins was second in his 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS 48.762 and Josh Howard in a 2011 Ford Mustang 49.993 was third. GP was a page out of a 60's  Classic British car Magazine. Gary Mendenhall took his 1966 Austin Healey Sprite to the win 52.566 over the 1961 Ford Anglia 105e driven by David Drouin 52.703 Next up Mather Field the continued warm weather should make for some sticky tires and fast laps.

Rounds 9 & 10

What a great combination Mather Field chaired by Carl Graf. The course was as long and fast as possible. Pushed out to the edge in every direction the course was easily the longest we have seen this year. The result was a test of how long you could hold the right pedal down. On that note the fastest on Sunday Open Class were Bob Weisickle EM 55.994, Maurice Velandia KM 59.215, Rick Brown BP 59.5744, Tom Smiley BP 60.403 Ladies Class Renee Russell CSPL 62.782, Gale Smiley BP 63.348, Susan Fontaine SSRL 63.739, Kelly Williams BSL 68.268 all proof that drivers education in public schools works! A Street winner was Tony Monoogan in his 2008 Corvette running a 64.572. B Street went to Doug Hubbard in his 1989 Corvette at 64.280. C Street Eric Ramirez won with a  64.859. D Street  Eric Hopkins took it with a time for 65.167 in a 2013 Subaru WRX. E Street was Ed Burghart in his 2000 Mazda Miata 67.729. F Street in a 2011 BMW M3 went to Sean Oboyle 63.127. G Street Chris Estrada 2000 Toyota Celica GTS 66.376. H Street Chris Cannon in his 2014 Ford Fiesta 65.159 ASL Marie Lindbergh drove her 2004 Corvette ZO6 to the win at 69.344. BSL the always fast Kelly Williams (graduate of the "I never lift school of driving") won with a 65.344. ESL in a 2000 Mazda Miata went to Soyun Lee 70.620. HSL Pam Kannan hit a 66.176 in her 2014 Ford Fiesta, very impressive! Street Prepared classes were well represented with SSP win going to Joel Villareal in his 2001 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 running a ver y fast 57.729. BSP was Harold Olson in a 1996 Corvette 60.461. CSP went to Tom Kubo 1991 Mazda Miata 60.693. In CSPL Renne Russell won it 62.069 in a 1991 Miata. DSP Jose Orozco took the win in his 1995 Nissian 240sx 69.739. FSP in a 1987 Toyota FX-16 Eric Williams ran a 65.320. $2000.00 from Saturday's event were donated to the "Police Activity League". The Rancho Cordova Police use the money to help disadvantaged youth and to  maintain the local youth center. XP Carl Graf drove his 2004 Nissian 350z to a 66.952. Rick Brown came out on top of the always fast and very close BP winning time was a 59.744 in his 1990 Corvette. Gale Smiley took BPL in her 1965 Corvette 63.340. Jack Parker won DP still running on the old stone tires that came on the car when he bought it. Rumored to be at least two years old! His time was 64.117. FP winner was Steve Mill in his beautiful 1971 Datsun 240z 67.743. In GP Gary Mendenhall won it in his 1966 Austine Healey Sprite.

Rounds11 & 12

A figure eight with a Huge show case turn connected with a variety of decreasing and increasing radius turns made for a fun fast weekend. Saturday morning looked like a Honda S2000 show room. Nice to see the "other" sports car filling up the paddock. Charles Meyer with his black 2002 running STR. Tony Smith with his white 2007 STR. Charlie Meyer in his  red 2007 BS. Charles took STR and Charlie was 3rd in BS. The Craig's list prices on used s2000 seems to be getting a little softer and they are fast cars well suited to auto x, hopefully more will find there way to auto x. CAM T is defiantly a class that is bringing cars of a different flavor to auto x. How about the winner Cliff Fong, driving a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. The car looks like it should be in a car show. His attention to detail goes way deeper than looks, the car took the CAMT class and was 12th pax. That PAX number is no easy feat in Sac Chapter. Rick Oats was driving a 1970 Dodge Dart. It sported a 340 engine. I remember from my high school cruising days, racing stop light to stop light that any Mopar with a 340 was better left alone. He had gone to a stiffer front torsion bar. Yes the dodges had torsion bar suspension with leaf springs in back. In the hay day you could buy performance parts right for the dealers. They even had a kit to allow you to build a front runner circle track car. Robert Tyler had worked over a 1964 Chevrolet C-10. The short bed pickup had disk up front, performance sway bars front and rear. It uses the truck arm rear suspension, same as most NASCAR road racers use. For power he chose a big block 454 hooked to a turbo 350. Fast open class for Saturday saw Bob Weisckle EM run a 38.472. Followed by Ken Yeo BSP 41.840. Tom Smiley BP 41.176. Rick Brown BP 41.194. Ray Miller BSP 42.289 Fast ladies were led by Gale Smiley BP 42.374. Followed by Kelly Williams BSL 46.372. Penny Hubbard BSL 46.461. Marie Lindbergh ASL 48.620. Ingrid Ansell BPL 49.509 Dune buggies kinda come and go from auto x, usually it would be better if they went to the beach! Saturday Gary Ratiff brought his little blue brick out to run EM. He was just blindingly fast on the straight and I don't think he had four wheels on the ground at anytime in any corner. Funny thing was, his driving style was consistent and he got faster each time out. Talking to him afterward he said it weight right at 1700 lbs had close to 200 hp. That explained the acceleration. The  handling was not  the best but predictable and the car did not like it if you lifted or changed direction in a corner. He seems to have figured the fastest way to get around,  he and the car hold the current record at the Hoopa hill climb. The entertainment package from the trailer on Sunday morning was great,  first Al Patterson flew his 2006 Dodge Viper through the the showcase turn in a perfect four wheel drift. It lasted forever and at no time was the car point straight, until he punched it down the straight. Not to be out done Tom Smiley  took his 1965 Corvette and did one of his NASCAR 360's right in the middle of the show case. Never lifted, tires smoking the entire time and never touched a cone. Al went on to take SSP 43.210 . Tom cleaned up a run and won BP 42.260. Winners in the STREET classes were ; AS Tony Monogan 2008 corvette 47.998. BS Doug Hubbard 1989 corvette 47.494, which gave him 13th PAX. CS Eric Ramirez 2003 Nissan 350z 48.226. DS Mike Daugherty 2010 Mini Cooper s 49.843. ES Rod Gonzalez 1999 Miata 52.082. FS Gary Fazekas 2012 mustang 48.570. GS Chris Estrada sr. 2000 Celica 49.472. Hey here is the " bet you can't do it again" of auto xing Marcus McAfee running in JA karts ran two identical laps of 48.337.

Rounds13 & 14

This is the closer for 2015 regular season. Thanks to John Deangelis for setting up the course. When I was walking the course with Rod and Davey the two contenders for first in ES, they were discussing who had to win what to come out on top for the season. As we walked Davey commented  "I don't know this really looks like the kinda course my Dad beats me at". How true anything that resembles "go fast and turn left", I have all those years of sliding around Santa Maria dirt track to my advantage. Happy to report I did not disappoint. Like golf, for us old guys one win out of 18 or in this case 14 keeps us going. With that said I started looking at the season results, trying to find drivers that really drove the doors off.  We have all been in a class where you had " the car" and could not loose, and in a class were even if you squeezed every drop out of the car, you could not win. So I was looking for drivers  that beat a large field of cars. They could not be running away with the class. They had been beat by the same competition, but on that day they brought the A game and took the win. Two drivers jumped out. First was Tony Monoogan.  About four drivers swapped winning through out the season. At event number two  AS had a field of ten drivers, Tony sent them all packing with the win. Second comes from event number nine. In BSP arguably the fastest and most competitive class in Sac Chapter, with ten competitors in the class Harold Olsen showed them the back of his Corvette and gave them a driving lesson. Honorable mention goes to a guy who built his own car, drove the doors off it every event, seldom had any completion, but pretty much puts on a driving seminar at each event ......Bob Weisickle. I can't remember the last time he was beat and he owns Top Time Of Day in Sac Chapter. The 2015 Sacramento chapter SCCA class winners SS-Joey Jarosz. AS-Tony Monoogen. ASL-Marie Lindbergh. BS- Doug Hubbard. BSL-Kelly Williams. CS-Eric Ramirez. DS-Eric Hopkins. ES Davey Drouin. ESL-Soyun Lee FS-Kevin Grivich. FSL-Debbie Owen. GS-Chris Estrada sr. HS-Cris Kannan. RS-Ken Pickett. RSL-Susan Fontaine. STF-Chris Tabieros. STS-Nathan Gabriel.  HSL-Pam Kannan. STX-Zachery Ternes. STR-Tony Smith. STU-Chri Brais. SSP-Al Patterson. ASP-Kurt Lopez. BSP-Ken Yeo.BSPL-Nicole Ho. CSP-Milas Mills. CSPL-Renee Russell. DSP-Jose Orozco. ESP-Andrew Barriuos. FSP- Eric Williams. CAMC-Jeff Thompson. CAMT-Cliff Fong. CAMS-Ted Alvares. XP-Carl Graf. BP-Tom Smiley. BPL-Gale Smiley. CP-Frank Stagnaeo. DP-Jack Parker. DPL-Deanne Caraballo. EP-Josh Garcia. FP-Steve Hill. SMF-Josh Weeks.SM-Derek Thacker. SML-Claudia Phavindhu. SSM-Sean Breese. AM-Mike Cilenti. BM-Bill Brooks. CM-Ben Martinez. DM-Greg McNair. EM-Bob Weisickle. FM-Douglas Hargrove. FSAE-Kecin Carter. KM-Maurice Velandia. KML-Debbie Owen. JA-Marcus McAfee. JB-Liam Lacer. GP-Gary Mendenhall. OSP-michael Sagie. RLBSPL-Barbara Pickett. Thanks to all the Sacramento Chapter Officers. The professional manner they orchestrate an autox weekend time and time again, allow the rest of us a fun hassle free events.  

Next up the annual  BILL FLEIG enduro.  Practice Oct. 24th, then a five lap shot on Sunday Oct 25th. Trophies to the fastest in each class

The Bill Fleig "Memorial" Enduro

Five laps of fury, RAY MILLER was on fire a slapped down the TTOD late in the afternoon. His time would stand as top PAX of the day. The man the myth the legion "JEFFREY GLORIOSO" snatched the TTOD and his corvette tried to hedge the bet by oiling down the course! TOM SMILEY dialed it in and bested both the corvettes, but at the end of the day when the dust settled  BOB WEISICKLE had TTOD.

Here are the morning winners

Here are the afternoon winners

























SFR round 4 in Oakland finally got a combination of sunny dry weather and an auto x. A number of Sac Chapter regulars were out blowing the dust off their cars after a long winter nap. The Smiley's Corvette was fast sporting what looked like new AVONS.  Al Patterson almost got red flagged on his first run........ He was rapidly running down a CAM (Classic American Muscle) Camaro with his SSP Dodge Viper. The Parker's had their new toy out for the first time. A "Bhevy" or a "Chevmw"? It's a Chevy powered BMW and looks and runs like a beast.  You definitely need it pointed in the right direction when you push the go pedal. Dave Green had his AM car out looking sharp with a new paint job. The Russel's were putting on a clinic in CSP. Bill Brooks had his BM car out. The  Drouins were trying to sort out running the new street tire in  a "E STREET" Miata. I think everyone's reflexes were a little out of tune, but the pedal to the floor 360 Tom Smiley did on the front straight would have made any Winning NASCAR driver envious.


Rounds 1 & 2


Well the winter of discontent is over and racing series has started. Yes, NASCAR is racing, but letís talk about those that are in it for what really matters; pride, bragging rights, blood, sweat, tears, and for those that achieve the season victory a sweet plastic trophy. Round one and two for the Sacramento chapter auto crossing season has started. Saturdayís weather displayed very much a Jekyll and Hyde approach for those racing. The morning run groups had cloudy, but dry weather. B Prepared had some very fast cars. Battling out was none other than Tom Smiley, Rick Brown, Al Patterson, and the tough as nails Gail Smiley. When all the cards fell on the table Tom Smileyís Corvette put up a 44.437, Al a 44.839, Rick a 45.021, and Gale nailed a 46.472. Everybody in the morning run group was bested by none other then Bob Weisickle who put up a blistering fast 42.345 which was the top time of the day.

Run group 3 was only half lucky. Most people got two runs without rain, and then the monsoon hit. Times for everybody slowed down. It is not surprising that Street Mod was won by an all wheel drive car. Street mod had a total of seven drivers, but it came down to the Subaru of Kay Ly, and John Hancock. Things were a little bit dicey, but Kay won the class with a 50.493.  A Street had a mixer of Corvette and Porsche and they all had their windshield wipers set to high. Both A Street and A Street Ladies were won by a Corvette. John DeAngelis nailed a 52.673 which was good enough to beat Roger Fellows 52.298. Marie Lindberg pulled a 53.484, which was only 5/10 of a second faster than Susan Fontaineís 53.967.

Run Group 4 took the worst of the weather. Doug our chapter executive stated that he was only going to take one run and then sit out unless Tom Nivison beat his time. Doug only took two runs; his second run was a 56.145 which Tom couldnít best. Ray Miller and Kenny Yeo just couldnít get the front sway bar soft enough to keep the big yellow Corvette from pushing. BSP was won by Lanny Bowdenís 53.956. It didnít hurt that Lanny had a set of brand new rain tires.

Sunday Round 2 was cool cloudy, but dry. It was simply a good day for auto crossing.

The next event is going to be up at Mather Air Field which is always a fun place to run. See you there!

Rounds 3 & 4

Welcome to the races at Mather field!  

It's long, fast and some of the corners are so familiar I'm surprised they aren't named ! Rounds 3/4 got under way for Sac Chapter SCCA and in case you missed the sign posted in the field it said " Bob Weisickle owns this place"! Fast time and top pax! He left everyone looking for a couple of seconds at 49.207. His Austin Healey was on fire and rumor has it he plans to add horse power leaving his old Ford V8 for a GM V6 The jury is still out on which tire will be fastest in the street classes. SS was Mike Moore with a 61.547. AS Tony Monoogen pushed his corvette to a  to a .590 lead over Brad Flag winning time was  58.611. ASL went to Marie Linberg in a corvette Z06 61.202 BS /BSL Jay and Kelly Williams led the field 57.995 and 59.850 running on Falken Azenis. Jay owns Auburn Tire and he is predicting the Falkens could be a contender. CS  posted  eleven entries the winner was Maurice Velandia 58.784  running on BFG Rivals. CSL went to Audrey Escoto 68.064 . DS hot shoe Rich Urshel was back after a short sabbatical running a new mini roadster to the win at 61.823. ES field was eight drivers and Davey Drouin bested them with a  60.962 in a miata running on BFG Rivals. FS was James Fuhs  at 62.705 driving a Ford Mustang. GS Des Toups  pedaled his very fast Fiesta on a pair of Federal RS 595 up front and the stock Bridgestone Potenza in back, hey it sounds  strange but at 59.787 he topped Chis Kannan at 60.996 by almost a second and Chris does not get beat very often! Pam Kannan won GSL  61.359 running on Dunlope Direzza. HS was Warren Hergerton  75.825 in his Acura Integra RS Ken Pickett edged out Doug Hubbard by .086 running a 56.827 for the win. RSL Penny Hubbard took the win 57.396. SSP saw Al Paterson push his Dodge Viper to a 53.446 beating out Jeff Gloriously in his corvette 53.661 it was very close. ASP was Christian Kiesz running a 58.375 driving his porche C6 The gun fight that always take place in BSP did not disappoint with fourteen drivers in the field Ken Yeo showed them how it was done with a 53.734. The top four drivers were all less than a second behind! Surprise a Honda S2000 was fourth after three corvettes Blistering the course in his miata CSP winner Vince Russel set down his cigar long enough to run an impressive 53.656. CSPL Renee Russel piloted the miata to a 55.517 DSP was Blake Poutry 63.386, ESP was  Brian Jackson 56.066, FSP was Eric Williams 57.673 , FSPL Donora Wichmann 59.508 and OSP went to Scott Hergerton 79.280 Rick Brown drove his corvette to a 52.469 to take the BP class. The lovely and talented Gale Smiley smoked the BPL class with a 55.648 in a 1965 flat black corvette. Multiple national champions Mike Maier and Frank Stagnaro did not disappoint tearing up the course with Mike coming out ahead running a 53.056 in the fastest ford of the week end. CPL went to Brianna Maire  posting a 55.048 Joe  VanSickle rolled his DP miata to a 59.708 for the win in DP In EP Ron Garcia won with a 60.524. Sundays race was a record field for EP with a datsun 510, 1200 , Toyota Starlet and a Honda civic. Deanne Caraballo  had the little toyota right on the edge in EPL. FP was Seth Nagano, 58.226 and Gary Mendenhall piloted the red rascal spriget to a win in GP Dave Green drove his home built to the win in AM. Bill Brooks took the win in BM both days with the largest BM field in years, three cars! DM one of my all time favorite cars, Tim Patenaude won in his white S1 Lotus Europa fast and looks great , amazing performance for a car that's almost 50 years old! You already know Bob Weisickle owned EM but it's a treat to see Jesus Vellarreal fly his Lotus Europa also nice to see Mike Bibiboff's bright yellow rotory powered datsun 510 back in action. Doug Hardgrove held down the TTOD throughout the morning run groups running a 52.980 in his FM F440. Junior Cart A was led by Sean Velandia  54.400 and  Ethan Valle won the Junior Cart B class. Honorable mention, how about Steve Nottingham sliding a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda around the course in CAM or Hergerton Scott's 1946 Dodge or the crowd favorite Curtis Yamanaka driving the doors off his  1971 Volkswagen bug, he built it and put on a driving clinic. Tokay High School class of 2010 , the young man has a lot of talent and  mechanical ability. If you missed it all you have one more shot to run Mather this year, arguably the best autox site in the state. In closing Sac Chapter is happy to announce that to date this event has donated over $70,000 to  the Shriners charity . 

Rounds 5 & 6


Welcome to Stockton Fairgrounds and rounds 5/6 of Sacramento Chapter SCCA Auto X 

The course was two laps around the giant kidney bean, a decreasing radius right that led to a sprint across the parking lot an increasing radius left, sprint across the parking lot and off camber right a couple of chicanes and ended after a deceivingly fast  90 deg right turn. Fun course! Saturdays top time went to Bob Weisickle in his EM Austin  Healey 38.698. Top Pax went to Ken Yeo driving the familiar BSP yellow Corvette 40.260. Followed by Tom Smiley in his Flat Black BP Corvette 39.499. Followed by Rick Brown piloting the red white and blue Corvette to a 39.698. Followed by Lanny Bowden in his purple BSP Corvette at 40.996. The L classes were led by Susan Fontaine driving her red 07 Porsche 911S to a 36.097. With Gale Smiley pushing her black BP Corvette into second Pax with a 41.491. Followed by Penny Hubbard in the red  RL Corvette 36.918 and Kelly Williams with her blue BSL Corvette running 44.918. Group two on Saturday had a number of hard fought battles going on with Nathan Gabriel taking his black, Evil Genius Racing ( Local Race Shop in Sacramento, see their web page) Miata to the win in STS with a time of 45.363. ESP went to Andrew Barrious in his sure "to be a collectors car someday" blue 05 Pontiac GTO, which sounded great running a 47.703. The winner in CSP was Chris La Lunde-Berg in his Scion FSR popping off a 47.436. Adam Miracle  was out front in STX driving his Scion FR-S to a 45.218. STU winner was Zak Swenson in a Suburu Impreza WXR STI at 44.882. STR was Derek Hui in a chrome yellow S2000 sweet ride running a 45.677. Street Modified class saw  John Hancock win in his Subaru 42.128 an SML went to Claudia Orozco in a 1989 Nissan 240sx 47.826. Round six on Sunday was all about the Karts! Got a kid sitting at home playing video games! Can't seem to get them outside or interested in anything! You should take a close look at the FJA and FJB kart classes. They have been gaining popularity in Sac Chapter and Sunday was the "KART GRAND PRIX". It worked out that in adjusting the groups to equal the car counts the karts got to run by them selves.  The Competition was focused by the rapid pace and the excitement in the pits was an all time high. The younger drivers make an entertaining spectacle that parents and everyone else enjoyed watching and were very vocal in support of the drivers. Interesting fact all of the  Kart drivers in both classes finished with 4th final and fastest run. FJA shook out to be Daniel Lance 44.354 , Justin McAfee 44.522, Marcus McAfee 44.611 how is that for close! FJB went to Rocco Carlini 46.985, Jillian Hubbard 60.121, Liam Lancer 66.320. Ten years from now I pity the poor Drivers Ed teacher that has these kids in class! When they come to the state mandated curriculum on tire tread, "you must have at least 1/6" tread to maintain traction" one of these kids will jump up and blurt out " I have been driving on slicks since I was eight", I assure  you no tread only enhances the traction if you want I can bring in a GO PRO DVD of my last race. It has some great examples of steering into the skip. By the way when it over steers it really  helps to give it a little more throttle! I hope the teacher has done their homework.

Up next Mather will be fast.

Rounds 7 & 8

The Mather mile 

Al Pattersons viper was caught on radar hitting 74 mph on the short shoot between the first cross over and the second! The far end was really the fast part of the course, so as predicted "it was fast." If you left early on Sunday you missed the big show! Tom Smiley and Rick Brown were really going at it, the surface was at 121deg so the  huge tires on those big corvettes were hot and sticky. Tom took his fist run and threw down a 57.5 . Rick took his and cranked off a 57.1 plus one. Toms second run he scorched a 56.13 . Rick answers by clearing out a patch of cones. They both sand bagged and played the waiting game on their  fourth run. I think Rick got tired of standing in the sun and tore the course up with a 56.03 but he had a noticeable side ways moment ......he caught the car and was right back in it but it had cost him some time! Tom gathered up the blazing hot flat black corvette and feeling the pressure ran a 55.923. Very entertaining ! The rest of the mere mortals had a great time also. Saturday groups were huge. FS was won by Ben Eckel in an 06 Infiniti G35. Followed by Gary Fazekas  2012 mustang at 67.550. Also running FS Khanh Nguyen had his 07 MB E63. It looked wild, and sounded great! The car had a flat green wrap done by West coast Car Audio here is Sacramento, it really looked cool!  AS went to Blake Williams who beat Jeff Glorious by .2 sec. They both had fast time on there third run and killed cones trying to go faster on the forth. Marie Lindberg drove her bright yellow corvette  to the win in  ASL SM had a huge turn out as usual and was topped by John Hancock in his 99 Subaru Impreza  2.5RS followed by Corey Englehard in a purple 2013 Subaru STI SML was led by Claudia Orozco in her Silver 1989 240SX sponsored by Win Factory. HS Chris Masys drove his 2012 Mercedes E350 to a 76.9 for the followed by the Gary Button's Mini with a time of 78.3 In the RS class  Kevin Grivich in a 2010 Infinity GS37 won the open and the ever Fast Penny Hubbard took the RSL in her red corvette. In the Battle of the Super Cars SSP Al Patterson pushed his  blue and white Viper to a 59.2 for the win over Mitch Fagundes in a "Bad Ass Black"Audi R8 60.9 Top PAX on Saturday went to Ken  Yeo  58.9 in the Yellow BSP corvette. On the other hand Sundays top PAX was Ken Yeo in the yellow corvette 56.7 beginning to see a pattern here! Doug Hargrove drove the #17  R&D special to the win in FM a 56.1 and he was running out of top end on some of the straights. Of course in his car he keeps the pedal buried and lets  the tires scrub off enough speed to make it through the corners. I don't think he ever actually touches the brake once he takes off. EP was Josh Garcia in his beautiful white Datsun 510 60.2 BPL  was won by the  charismatic Gale " I'm ready to race" Smiley in a Flat Black 1965 Corvette Followed by Ingrid Ansell in her 1972 corvette Sundays PAX. Results for the Girls was led by Renee Russel on her very fast CSP miata ,Gale Smiley corvette BPL, and Kelly Williams BS......wait of it ........the Kelly Green Corvette. You already knew this but top time of the day both days went to......Bob Weisickle in his EM dead stock 1956 100-8 ha ha. If you missed it you missed a lot of fun. Like  Tom Nivisons cousin said " I come here to chu bubble gum and race Corvettes, and I just run out of gum." Up next Stockton Fair Grounds Aug 23/24th


Rounds 9 & 10


Saturday morning the weather was perfect for autoxing and Gale Smiley jumped right in, first to drop into the 42sec range. She would wind up with a fastest time of 41.579 on her 4th run, that got her 10th fastest time of the day. Ken McCulloch was next to push down into the 42's he is back with his familiar 1966 Cobra, although rumor has it there have been a few suspension changes. His 4th and fastest was a 41.394 good enough for 8th. Pay no attention to the posted results that have Ken driving a 07 Chevy Siverado pickup, he has been pushing blue ovals to the top of the list for years. Al Patterson in his 2006 Dodge Viper raised the bar on his first run dropping into the 41 sec range and finished up with a 41.516 which gave him 9th on the  leader board. The battle for the fastest corvette was as competitive as always. The lead swapped a couple times and when it was all done Rick Brown in his BP corvette ran 39.390 for the 2nd fastest time of the day. Tom Smiley slid his BP corvette into 3rd with a 40.118  and Ken Yeo in his BSP corvette ran a 40.707 for 5th fastest. A couple of mod cars rounded out the top ten. Noel Ameele ran a 40.488 to finish 4th in a BM  VW powered special and Doug Hargrove in what has been referred to as the "Devils Lawnmower" Fmod formula 440 ran a 40.997 to take the 6th spot.An interesting group of GP cars made Saturdays field .Sac Chapter regular Gary Mendenhall drove the "red rascal" 1966 austin healey sprite 48.9 to 3rd in class. He was feeling the pressure he had a couple of spins trying to find a faster line. Don't see the red car point in the wrong direction very often! Bob Bullock's first appearance in his beautiful fiat x19 gave him a 47.7 for 2nd in class. Jim Tikijian won the class in his MG Midget with a 43.346. In the ladies class Gale Smiley in her BP 1965 corvette led the way with a 41.300. Penny Hubbard was 2nd in her BSRL Corvette 43.898. Marie Lindberg was 3rd ASL Corvette 46.169. Ingrid Ansell in her 1972 BP Corvette ran a 47.043 giving her the 4th fastest time and  Claudia Orozco round out the top five with a 48.090 in her 1989 SML Nissian 240sx. Saturdays fastest time and the only car in the 38's with a 38.494 was Bob Weisickle's  EM Austin Healey.

Sunday morning started off with  Keith Bullock driving his FS Mustang to a 48.217 which would give him 3rd in class with James Fuhs driving his Mustang to 47.491 for 2nd and the class winner also in a Mustang, Gary Fazekas at 45.205. In DS Rich Urschel's took the win in his Mini running a 46.311 followed by Mike Daugherty in his Mini 46.981. The battle in GS between Chris Kannan in his 2014 Ford Fiesta 46.100 and Chris Estrada in his 2000 Toyota Celica GTS 47.019 lost a little steam when Pam Kannan running GSL belted out a 45.632 the authorities were notified that Chis is no longer "Beating his Wife". Big field in EP. Bob Marcy came out on top in his Datsun 1200 running a 42.258. Dwayne Komush was 2nd with a 42.726 in his toyota starlet. Deanne Caraballo 3rd Toyota Starlet 43.121. 4th Josh Garcia 45.046 Datsun 510. 5th Ron Garcia Datsun 510 46.588. Top time on Sunday....well he is not slowing down any, Bob Weisickle 38.656. Top pax Ken Yeo in his BSP Corvette. On the Ladies Classes: Street went to Pam Kannan in GSL; Prepared went to Gale Smiley in BPL and Street R went to Penny Hubbard SRL. 

Fresno and SFR are all done this year but Sac chapter has two more weekends of Autoxing, rounds 11 and 12 on  September 27/28 and the enduro weekend on October 18/19

 Don't forget to sign up for the Awards Banquet on  November 1st, see web site for details


Rounds 11 & 12


There is nothing like the last autocross weekend of the season. Yes nationals have come and gone, but at the local level the bragging rights mean, so much more. The simple fact that you will see your competitors more then once a year at Topeka, the fact that if you donít get the win they are going to be holding their heads just a little bit higher then you and last being able to hang a first place rather then a second place plaque on the wall at home makes us all push ourselves just a little bit harder. The great Ricky Bobby always said," You canít have two number ones, that makes eleven." Thus this weekend separated the first places from the rest.

In Street Mod Richard Coquioco lapped a 55.655, while Thanat Phavindhu nailed a 51.326. The lead was passed back and forth between the TT roaster of Ben Hardt, and the 2.5 RS of John Hancock, both gentlemen set and reset top time of the run group. John Hancockís last run of 49.590 beat Benís 49.606. Claudia Orozco won Ladies street mod with a 54.908.

C- Street was a battle of the big three Japanese manufactories. Joshua Monforte in a Scion FRS laid down a 54.738, fourth went to Carl Garfís Dodger blue 350z with a 53.435, Philip Ma in third with a 52.864 in a Mazda MX-5, and second place Maurice Velandia in his turbo Mr2 with a 52.154. The winner of C street was a Nissan 350z driven by Eric Ramirez with a 51.591.

E-Street better know as the Miata class had Mark Orladi with a 56.796, Rod Gonzalez with a 56.247, Davey Drouin with a 54.017, Ryan Saville leading the class with a 54.017. Ryan felt that he needed to make his Miata a little manlier, so he got rid of his safety orange rims and added a set of very shinny, bright blue rims. The jury is still out on if it worked or not, but he did take first place.

No matter how brutal the competition can get autocrossers always help each other out. The best example was with BSP. Ray and Kennyís yellow Corvette didnít want to do everything it was suppose to. Any other form of motorsport your day would be done, but not with autocrossers. Ray and Kenny both were able to finish his runs in Lannyís and Olyís cars. Which I would argue helped push Lanny to the win. Nothing could be worse then to get beat in your own car by another driver. Keota Sounthone in a M3 ran a 58.404, Bradley Oweto in a Porshe Gt3 got a 53.801, Ray Miller ran a 49.453, Olie posted a 49.205, Kennyís 48.235 was good enough for second place, and Lanny won the class with a 47.439.

B-Prepared Mike Ansell ran a 49.187, Ken Mc Culloch 48.562, Tom Smiley 46.795, and the class winner Rick Brown with a 46.480. Gale Smiley won BP Ladies with a 48.510.

Last, the modified classes F-Mod was won by John "Superman" Machado with a 46.330. E-Mod was won by Mr. Bob in his V8 powered Austin Healy with a blistering fast 44.546. B-mod was won by Noel Ameele in his home built dune buggy with a 46.940. Last A-Mod was won by David Layne with a 48.726.

There is one more event for the year the Bill Flieg Enduro October 18th and 19th , which is always a great event see you there.