This page will be dedicated to trying to answer all "Newbie" Questions



1. Do I need a Helmet?

    a. Yes, You will need a Snell 2005 or newer Helmet to race - We have "Loaner Helmets" in the Timing and Scoring Trailer (First Come. First Served)

2. What Class will my car run in at the event?

    a. This depends on how many and what modifications you have done to the car. We have "The Great Big Book of Everything" that can help Us decide.

3. Can I run out of Run Group?

    a. Yes, BUT only if there are enough other racers/workers in your normal run group to do so.

4. Can I be a passenger?

    a. Yes, We have an Unlimited Passenger rule, You can be a passenger at any time as long as it doesn't interfere with your normal runs

5. If I am 65 or older and I run do I have to work?

    a. Yes, If we have enough workers those 65 and older may be able to get out of their work assignment (get with the Event Chair)

6. Where is Tech ?

    a. We Tech on Grid - anything in your car that is loose and could fly around needs to be removed

    b. Batteries need to be held down - bungee cord, strap, actual battery tie down

    c. Any stereo equipment in the trunk needs to be bolted down or it has to come out - same with the spare tire

7. What is "Reverse Grid" ?

    a. Simple answer: First Car on Grid will be the Last Car to go out - Last Car on Grid will be the First Car to go out

8. "Red Flag Situation" ?

    a. When the course is "Red Flagged" there is a Safety Situation at some point on the Course, You will need to stop and take directions from the Course Workers

    b. If you get "Red Flagged" - You will get a re-run / If you caused the "Red Flag" - You get an extremely long time on your timing slip

9. Timing Slip Station ?

    a. You MUST STOP for your timing slip, this is a Safety Issue and must be adhered to.

10. DNF ?

    a. DNF - (Did Not Finish) - This means at some point you did not complete the whole course (ie: went around a cone, drove off-course and didn't come back on behind where you left, etc.)

11. Cone Penalty ?

    a. Hitting a cone will add 1 second to your time, Hitting 2 cones - 2 seconds, Hitting 3 cones - 3 seconds, so forth and so on....

12. Do I need to be a Member?

    a. Yes, You must become a "Weekend Member" to run at Our Events. This nominal fee let's you be covered by SCCA Insurance, plus it knocks some money off when you become an actual member.