Organization and Name.  This organization is a duly constituted chapter of the San Francisco Region of the Sports Car Club of America.  The name of this organization shall be “Sacramento Chapter, Sports Car Club of America.”


Membership.  Membership is limited to members in good standing of the San Francisco Region, Sports Car Club of America, who reside within approximately a fifty (50) mile radius of Sacramento, California.


Chapter Officers.  The following officers shall be elected annually by mail vote of the members in good standing and shall serve in the year following their election or until their successors are duly elected:

Chapter Executive:  The Chapter Executive shall act as the chief executive of the Chapter; he shall preside at all meetings and official Chapter functions; he may appoint committees to carry on the proper work of the Chapter.

Assistant Chapter Executive:  The Assistant Chapter Executive shall, in the absence of the Chapter Executive, assume the office and act in the capacity of the Chapter Executive.  Subject to approval of the Board, the Assistant Chapter Executive shall organize, conduct, and supervise all Chapter activities, including solo competition events and Chapter social events.  The Chapter Executive may appoint such committees as may be necessary to properly assist the Assistant Chapter Executive in conducting any event.

Chapter Treasurer:  The Chapter Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Chapter; the Treasurer shall pay the proper expenses of the Chapter and render an accounting to the officers upon request and to the membership and the Region at least annually.  The Treasurer shall establish and maintain an account with a local bank approved by the officers.

Chapter Secretary:  The Chapter Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings and assist the Chapter Executive in the day-to-day business of the Chapter.

Publicity Chairman:  The Publicity Chairman shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of a monthly article concerning Chapter affairs to The Wheel and for dissemination of Chapter information to the news media from time to time as may be appropriate.

Membership Chairman:  The Membership Chairman shall solicit members, provide applications as necessary, and report to the Board and the Region as to the status of the active membership.

Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors shall consist of the duly elected officers of the Chapter.  A quorum of four (4) Directors shall be required for the conduct of Chapter business.  The affirmative votes of a majority of the members of a duly constituted quorum shall be required for the passage of any Board resolution.  Upon request of any member of the Board of Directors, any matter under consideration by the Board may be put in the form of a resolution and in such event the majority vote of a quorum of the Board shall be required for approval of any such matter.

Competition Director:  The Competition Director is responsible for insuring compliance of the Solo II General Competition Rules from the standpoint of classing and enforcement. The Director will also chair a protest committee of, at a minimum, the Chair and two additional Directors. Others duties as may be required by the Chapter Executive.


Roberts Rules of Order.  Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all parliamentary proceedings of this Chapter.


Meetings.  Meetings of the membership shall be held on the Tuesday of the week following the membership meeting of the San Francisco Region, or at such other times as the Board may determine.  Business meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the Chapter Executive as he may from time to time deem necessary.  Reasonable notice of each meeting shall be given to the Directors so as to allow them an opportunity to attend.


Amendments.  Amendments may be proposed by resolution of the Directors or by the membership at large.  If proposed by the membership, it must be in written form and signed by at least ten (10) members in good standing.  The amendment shall then be submitted to all the members for vote.  A majority of the votes received shall be required for enactment.  Any amendments so enacted shall take effect on the first day of January following its enactment unless a different date is specified in the amendment.


Nomination Committee.  The Board shall appoint a committee which shall nominate candidates at the July meeting.  Nominations may also be submitted by any member in attendance at the July meeting.  Elections shall be held annually during the month of September.  During the month of September ballots shall be mailed to all members in good standing who have attended at least one S.C.C.A. Sacramento Chapter Championship Series Event in the current or previous year.  The newly elected officers shall assume their respective offices at the meeting next following the announcement of the results of the election. If, after completion of the nominations at the July meeting, the result is an uncontested ballot no mailing is required.
* * * * * * * 
Approved:  2002