Meeting Minutes
Sacramento Chapter Board

Attendees:  Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Olsen.
Guests:       Ralph Elder, Russ Backman.

Meeting called to order by Fleig 7:46 at Fleigís house.

Old Business

Minutes of 11/22/03.  Approved as amended.  (Changed helmet quantity from 12 to 14).

Treasurerís report by C. Miller.

Security guard no-show at Enduro.  Talked to owner of Delta security.  Appears that guard went   to motorcycle track instead of our event.  We will no longer agree to pay in advance.  Informed owner that we will not pay invoice for Enduro since security service was not provided.
Banquet.  Called and complained that they ran out of prime rib after 25 minutes.  Havenít heard back.  Will escalate.  Otherwise, banquet went well.  Was attended by over 80 people.
Auburn Tire has volunteered to service trailer wheel bearings and brakes at a discount. Only pay for parts.   Olsen to coordinate getting trailer to Auburn tire.
Oly exploring reinforcement of a small utility trailer to be pulled by a garden tractor to shag cones.  Tractor and trailer then to be pulled into trailer as a unit.

Bill to contact Ground Control, Auburn Tire, and Americaís tire regarding sponsoring new helmets.

Brown handed out version 5 of revised sups for 2004.  Board to review.  Motion to table further discussion until next meeting.  Approved.

Will order quantity 50, 2004 rule books.

Took volunteers for event chairs for 2004 events.  Assigned board members to remaining events where we didnít have volunteers.

New Business

Al Paterson and Justin McAfee are donating computers to replace our dying timing computers.
Motion to give each of them 10 free entries to show our appreciation.  Approved.

Motion to hire a vacuum sweeper to clean the Stockton site prior to the first event.  Approved.

Motion to give a 5 pound box of candy to the Stockton scheduling office to show appreciation.
Russ Backman volunteed to purchase and deliver since Russ lives in the area.  Approved.

Motion to rent trailer to Barry Spencer at usual fees for West Coast Lotus meet at Tahoe.
Weekend of May 22,23.  Set up Friday May 21.  Approved.

Will review BSPV pax.  Brown to study potential changes based on 2004 changes to national
PAX indices and performance potential of current tires in use.

Russ Backman proposed discussion topic around what we can additionally do to support novices.
Brainstorming session followed.  Mentoring?  Novice classes?  Donít want to add more
classes.  Some sort of mentor program makes more sense.  We will print up novice handbooks
Russ is going to pilot a program as information coordinator.

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 10:02pm ).
Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Brown