Meeting Minutes
Sacramento Chapter Board

Attendees:  Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Olsen, Yeo, Hubbard.
Guests:       Justin McAffe, Russ Backman, Tom Kubo, Brent Blakely and Mori,
                   Jim Plotkin, Joe Kruskamp.

Meeting called to order by Fleig 7:55 at Fleig’s house.

Old Business
Minutes of 1/15/04.  Approved as amended.
Treasurer’s report by C. Miller.
Approved 2004 Supplemental Regulations.
Olsen procured 300 new pylons from Sacramento Barricade.  Only $2.75 each.  Great deal.
   Also got a garden tractor to shag cones for half-off at Home Depot.  He also built a cone
   trailer for the tractor, got additional storage bins, made racks for the helmets, cleaned
   out the trailer and undertook other improvements and maintenance.  Thank you Oly!
Justin McAffe and Al Patterson have each donated new notebook computers for timing.
Russ Backman to contact a firm in Stockton about sweeping the Stockton site.
Brown proposed BSP-V pax of 0.849 for 2004.  Approved.
Russ Backman presented box of chocolates to Stockton Fairground on our behalf.  Thank
  you Russ.

New Business
Introduced board members and guests.
Since trailer and 18” cone purchase came in under budget, will check prices on purchasing 200
  12” cones also.
Proposed donating old 12” cones to CSCC (Tom Kubo).  Approved.
SFR has adopted two new classes.  STU and ST2.  Need to decide if we adopt those classes
  and what PAX to use.

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 9:27 pm ).
Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Brown