Meeting Minutes
Sacramento Chapter Board

Attendees:  Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Olsen, Yeo, Hubbard
Guests:       Russ Backman

Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:29pm at Fleig’s house.

Old Business

Treasurer’s report by C. Miller.  Approved.
Bill cleaned photocells to improve reliability.
Olsen procured and mounted new tires on the trailer.  Also serviced wheel bearings and brakes.
Trailer was broken into at Stockton and two blowers were stolen.  Blowers have been replaced. 
   Looking at alternate locations to store trailer in the Stockton area.
Have been renting trailer to AAS for their Atwater events.  They provide transport to/from

New Business
Motion by Fleig to create nomination committee comprised of  C. Miller, Hubbard and Olsen.
    Seconded by Brown.  (Approved 7-0-0).
Candi to look into replacement  polo shirts.
Sac chapter web site maintenance computer is down.  Recovering from reconstructing
   environment after virus recovery.   Anti virus software had not been updated since 2000. 
   All data files were backed up so no data was lost. 

Moved to adjourn. (Approved. Adjourned 9:36 pm ).

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Brown