Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board


Attendees:  Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Yeo, Olsen

Guests:       Russ Backman, Ken McCullough  

Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:17 at Fleig’s house. 

Old Business

Minutes of 10/21/04 meeting.  Approved (6 0 0).

Treasurer’s Report.  C. Miller.  Approved (6 0 0).

Bill secured contract for Stockton .  Contained two extra dates.  Bill will give back the extra 2 dates.

84 people attended the awards banquet.  Banquet came off very well this year.

One Saturday this Winter we will plan to reseal the roof of the trailer.  Olsen will coordinate to schedule a weekend with no rain.  

New Business

Corvette club asked for discount on trailer rental for the Team Challenge.  Motion to provide trailer rental for free.  Seconded.  Not Approved (2 2 2).

Russ Backman showed a sample brochure that we could use to advertise Solo II and give to newcomers as an introduction. 

Discussed printing laminated business–size cards with the schedule on one side and PAX factors on the other.

Discussed need to contact the Region office and the National office relative to holding a drifting practice event.  

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 9:56pm ).  

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown