Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board


Attendees:  Fleig, R., C. Miller, Brown, Yeo, Olsen, R. Miller

Guests:       Russ Backman, Ken McCullough, Jay Williams, Jeff Andrade, Bau Mac  

Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:14 at Fleig’s house. 

Old Business

Minutes of 1/20/05 meeting.  Approved (5 0 0). 

Treasurer’s Report.  C. Miller.  Approved (5 0 0). 

Reviewed Russ’ new promotional brochure.  Will explore buff paper with color printing.  Will hand out at events and have at local shops including Auburn Tire. 

Bill serviced the generator and replaced the broken foot.  He also cycled the radio batteries and had to replace one battery.

Insurance and sanctioning fees have gone up this year.  About a 5 dollar per person increase.  Will not change entry fees at this time.  We can get a 50 cent discount per entrant on sanctioning fees by reporting non-member entry count to the national office.  We will do so.

Will charge $20 for 2005 rule books.

June 25, 26 is Reno Divisional at Stead airport.

Ray and board discussed the format and running of the Drifting event with Jeff and Bau.  We will give each participant a hat and 2 SCCA decals.  We have 16 entrants signed up so far.  

New Business

Russ reports that Stockton Fairgrounds site is very dirty.  Russ to contact sweeper guy to sweep site prior to first event. 

Ray talked to Shriners people about the Saturday June 11 at Mather field.  Net proceeds to go to Shriner’s Hospital.  Site is the Ready Alert area. (the area we used to run at).  Site fee is free.  Same deal where we have to take down the Sheriff’s course and set it up after the event.  Sheriff’s department has agreed to provide us access Friday afternoon to set up.  Saturday after the event we will tear down our course and set up the Sheriff’s course.  Porta potties required.  We will handle that.  Revenue after expenses will be donated to Shriner’s Hospital. 

Motion to pursue holding this event by Yeo.  Approved (6 0 0).  

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 10:20 pm ).  

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown