Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board


Attendees:  Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Yeo, Olsen, Hubbard

Guests:       Russ Backman, Ken McCullough, Bob Weisickle, Chuck Renn, EJ and Susan Fontaine, David Gardner  

Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:14 at Fleig’s house. 

Old Business

Minutes of 11/18/04 meeting.  Approved (7 0 0).

Treasurer’s Report.  C. Miller.  Approved (7 0 0).

Bill provided Candi with a copy of the new Stockton contract. 

Oly patched roof of trailer and did other trailer repair including replacing front door weatherstrip.  Placed tarp over trailer for storage.

Discussion on paying Stockton in advance for all dates this year in order to guarantee the site. 

Web site update.  Ray predicting completion next week.  Had a problem last week where some files were lost during update attempt.  Fortunately, files were backed up.  Russ will work with Ray to phase in updates for easier navigation.

Russ working on laminated business cards with schedule and PAX factors.  Will finalize now that we have the final schedule.

Ray contacted regional office about the drifting event.  Regional office had no issues with the event.  Ray will also contact National Risk Management.  

Will lower the cost for the drifting event from $100 to $75 and eliminating the lunch.  Minimum will be 33 cars (66 maximum).  If minimum not met by registration deadline event will become a practice event.  We need ~20 cars to break even.  Cut off date for pre-registration will be around March 1.  Ray to verify.  Ken McCullouch will co-chair drifting event with Ray Miller.  On following Sunday, Ken will chair and Russ Backman will co-chair.  

April 16 and 17th rounds, the 16th Russ to chair, David Gardner to co-chair.  17th David Gardner to chair, Russ to co-chair.

May 28 and 29th rounds, the 29th round will be a multi-lap format chaired by Bill and Ray. 3, 2 lap runs.

July 16 and 17th rounds,  16th Bob Weisickle chair.  Alan Paterson to co-chair.  Alan to chair 17th and Bob to co-chair 17th.

Aug. 20 and 21st rounds, Aug. 20 will be a multi-lap format.  Ray will chair the 20th and Oly will chair the 21st, Kenny co-chair.

Aug. 27 and 28th.  Reserve for possible National practice.

Oct. 15 and 16th.  Enduro.  Ray to chair, Doug to co-chair.  

New Business

Motion to pay Stockton Fairground in advance.  Approved (7 0 0).  

Corvette club asked for discount on trailer rental for the Team Challenge.  Motion to provide trailer rental for free.  Seconded.  Not Approved (2 2 2).

Candi will try to book 2005 Banquet Saturday Nov. 5 at Marriot. 

Russ suggests starting an award for most improved driver.  We can use improvement in the PAX results as a metric.  Bill appoints Russ Russ to chair committee to pick one open and one ladies class driver.  Rick and Ken also on the committee.  

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 9:21pm ).  

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown