Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:  Fleig, C. Miller, R. Miller, Brown, Olsen, Hubbard

Guests:       Ken McCullough


Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:33pm at Fleig’s house.


Old Business

Minutes of 5/17/05 meeting.  Brown.  Approved (6 0 0). 

Treasurer’s Report by C. Miller. Approved (6 0 0).

All proceeds will be donated to Shriners.   Motion to write $6,500 check to Shriner’s.  Approved (6 0 0).


Shriner’s charity event drew 209 entrants.


Stockton site was swept and vacuumed prior to the last event there.  Site was very clean.  Very happy with new sweeping service.


Chuck Renn reports from nominating committee.  Committee nominates current board.


Corvette Club cancelled their Team Challenge event.  Consequently, they will not need to rent our trailer and AAS will also not use our trailer for the Larry Park event.


Purchased 150 new cones.  Will weed out old bad cones at the July event.  Will offer the used cones to the Lotus club.


Motion by Brown to purchase display to make it easier for seeing times inside the trailer.  Currently using small print on monitor or printer.  Spending limit $1200. Approved (6 0 0).



New Business

Hubbard moved to give entries to registration committee.  Patti Yeo, Alli McAfee and Penny Hubbard. Approved (5 0 0)



Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 10:05 pm).



Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown