Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:  Fleig, C. Miller, R. Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Olsen, Yeo

Guests:       Ken McCullough, Jay Williams


Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:17pm at Fleig’s house.


Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting.  (7 0 0).

Approved treasurer’s report.  (7 0 0).

Discussed new site acquisition.  Prairie City off road park may be a possibility.  Need to develop a proposal to give to the county.  We may be able to solicit help from the National office to develop a proposal.

Will plan to work on trailer on off season at Brown’s shop.

We were short 4 give away blankets at the banquet. Ordered 4 more blankets for those that didn’t receive them at the banquet.

Banquet went very well.  Will plan to use the same place next year.



New Business

Request forwarded from SFR to put on a private school for an individual’s birthday party.  SFR suggested he contact us which he did. 

Motion to put on this event.  $2k-2.5k maximum cost.  Jan. 14 with Jan. 15 as an alternate rain date.  Approved (7 0 0).

Jan. 21 will work on trailer at Brown’s shop.



Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 10:12  pm).




Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown