Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:  Fleig, Brown, Hubbard, Olsen, Yeo, C. Miller

Guests:       Ken McCulough, Jay Williams


Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:35pm at Fleig’s house.


Old Business

Approved treasurer’s report.  (6 0 0).

Approved minutes of last meeting (6 0 0)

Good turnout at last weekend’s event at Stockton .

Sweeper company swept grid area prior to event.

Next events July 29, 30.  Ken McCulough and Ken Yeo are event chairs.

Paid for past 15 months trailer storage.  $750.  Paid for all of 2005 through present.  Will have new contract in our name for future use of the storage spot.  Need to provide proof of comp. coverage on trailer.



New Business

We sent a written proposal to the McClellan air museum to use McClellan as an autocross site again.  The air museum contacted Larry Kelly of the McClellan development management requesting the use of facilities to hold autocrosses to benefit the air museum.  Proceeds to the air museum were estimated at $30,000 per year.  The air museum was in favor of the proposal but McClellan management was not.

Planning safety steward training.

Need sheetrock for the trailer.  Ken McCullough will provide the sheetrock.

Report of nomination committee by Ken McCullough.  Existing board was contacted and agreed to run for existing positions.  No other interest was expressed and no other nominations were received.  The nomination committee nominated the existing board members.  Per our bylaws, no elections will be held and the existing board will carry over to next year.


Moved to adjourn. (Approved.  Adjourned 9:25 pm ).



Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown