Meeting Minutes
Sacramento Chapter Board

Attendees: Fleig, C. Miller, R. Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Olsen, Yeo
Guests: Ken McCullough, Jay Williams, Al Patterson

Meeting called to order by Fleig 8:09pm at Fleig's house.

Old Business
Approved treasurer's report. (7 0 0).
Discussed sites and Cal Expo. Cal Expo was contacted and indicated that they are still not amenable to autocross events citing noise complaints and pavement striping damage.
Shriner's event may have one day at Mather but perhaps not a second day. Shriner's advertisement in the Bee indicates one day but that may be old information from last year. We need to contact Shriner's and determine the real situation. Miller will contact Shriner's next week.
Ray contacted Marci Deichert to make a request for a weekend at Solano community college. We will work through Marci and the Corvette Club. Miller secured an agreement that they would try to get us a weekend.
Motion by Miller to provide free entry to members of Vaca Valley and North Bay Corvette Clubs if they can secure us a date at Solano college. Motion passed (7 0 0).
Planning a class for safety stewards. We have a videotape.
Fleig picked up a new high-volume 10hp walk-behind blower.
Fleig ordered two new fire extinguishers.
Fleig had difficulty finding replacement radio batteries that are compatible with our chargers. Our charger apparently only works with Nicad batteries but not with other battery technologies.
Bill will investigate purchasing a guaranteed used or new charger so we have a backup.

New Business
Discussed forming a committee to explore site acquisition. Al Patterson volunteered to explore potential opportunities at Prairie City.
Lost first two dates at Stockton. Stockton double booked and took the weekend back. Discussed turning one of the practice weekends into a points weekend.
Motion to make Sept. 9 and 10 dates points rounds instead of practice rounds. Motion passed (7 0 0).
First cup rounds are May 27-28.
Affirmed that Shriner's round or rounds will be points events.

Moved to adjourn. (Approved. Adjourned 10:35 pm).

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Brown