Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Candi Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Yeo, Olsen, Ken McCullough,

Guests:†††††† Virginia Fleig, Tom Smiley, Jay Williams


Meeting called to order by D. Hubbard at 8:33pm.



Old Business


Approved treasurerís report.(6 0 0).

Approved Oct. 06 and Nov. 06. (6 0 0)


Oly has had difficulty contacting the lady at the storage yard about the trailer storage contract.


Ken and Doug went to Stockton and covered the trailer from the rain.


Schedule for 2007 season is posted on the website.


Sanctions and insurance taken care of.


Blue Angels have taken the Mather weekend for the Shrinerís event.Working with Shrinerís to reschedule.


Adjusted run groups to better level group sizes.


Jim Plotkin still working on DVD ofSafety Steward tapes.




New Business


Planning 2007 Awards Banquet for Marriott first Saturday of November.November 3rd.


Doug will assign event chairs based on board members and others who have have expressed an interest in chairing and event.



Moved to adjourn. (Approved.Adjourned 9:07 pm).


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown