Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Candi Miller, Ray Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Olsen, McCulloch, Yeo

Guests:†††††† Bob Weisickle, Tom Nivison, Tom Smiley, Al Paterson


Meeting called to order by Ray Miller at 8:23 pm.



Old Business


Approved minutes of last meeting (7 0 0).

Approved treasurerís report.(7 0 0).


Hubbard will secure Oil Dry for upcoming events.


Olsen will bring charger for equipment batteries and other items for next event.


Tom Nivison arranged to have the Stockton paddock area vacuumed.


Ray Miller will talk to Stockton about paving the paddock area at some point.


Flyers for Shrinerís have wrong run groups.Information on the website is correct.Reno Region was given incorrect information on previous flyers.We will contact Reno Region so they can advertise the correct run group rotation at their next event.We will also print new flyers to hand out at our next event.


Mike Osi (spelling) is planning to provide food service at the Shrinerís event.


Discussed future radio replacement again.Again, no action needed at this time.


Bob Weisickle discussed his plan to provide segment timing at test and tune events.Still under development.Has determined a thermal printer that would work.



New Business


McCulloch will provide an SCCA look up list of cars and classes to made available at registration.


Reviewed a member concern about the overlap at event 1.


Moved to adjourn. (Approved.Adjourned 9:45 pm).


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown