Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Ray Miller, Candi Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Yeo, McCulloch, Olsen

Guests:†††† ††Tom Nivison, Brent Blakely


Meeting called to order by Ray Miller at 8:33 pm.

Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting (7 0 0).

Approved treasurerís report.(7 0 0).


Tom Nivison volunteered to oversee vacuuming the Stockton site prior to the next event (round 3).Candi to call Tom and let him know what we have been paying the sweeping company.


Olsen will not be at the next event.He will be running the Divisional. R. Miller will pick up the trailer.


The timing light company lost the check Bob Weisickle has sent.Stop payment needed on the check.Company agreed to ship the light based on Bobís phone call.


Ken has procured feet to stabilize the lights.(3 feet per light).


Need to pick alternate day for July board meeting.Agreed to move July meeting to July 24th.


There were delays in getting the timing and scoring part of the website up this year.Now that itís up and running it should run smoothly for the remainder of the season.


The chapter was approached by the National Office with a suggestion to run a Street Survival School.



New Business


Brent Blakely thanked us for the cones.He talked about local Rally Cross and had talked to Prairie City and found that they could only support two events a year.He is now talking to Thunderhill management regarding holding Rally Cross events there.


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)Adjourned 9:16 pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown