Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Brown, Hubbard, Yeo, McCulloch, Olsen, R. Miller, C. Miller

Guests:†† Tom Nivison


Meeting called to order by Ray Miller at 8:15 pm.

Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting (7 0 0).


Approved treasurerís report. (7 0 0).


Discussed issues with timing computer and backup computers.Doug has sorted it out.We have primary and backup.Discussed future alternate timing systems for future upgrades.Discussed putting funds into a reserve to cover equipment replacements and upgrades.


Motion by Yeo to create a reserve for equipment replacement, maintenance and upgrade.Seconded.Approved (7 0 0).


Post Mortem of Mather event.

1.      Conflicting EVOC activities resulted in delaying start of set up on Friday.

2.      Set up crew was accidentally locked in the site at the end of Friday setup.

3.      Received a lot of positive feedback on the course.†† Also, there were very few DNFs.


Discussed the way the PAX championship is run and possible modifications to make it more interesting to competitors.


Discussed 3 driver cars and ways to speed up events.


Discussed ways to speed up getting results out.


Doug will procure more marking lime.


Doug has a contact that could lead to additional dates at Mather.He will follow up.


Cal Expo was contacted to see if they might now consider autocross events there again.Management said no citing noise concerns and concerns regarding wearing the parking lot striping.



New Business


Nominating committee formed.Members are Tom Nivison, Tom Smiley and Al Paterson.


We received a reference from the SFR region on an inquiry from military personal at Beale air force base to hold autocross events on base.A letter was written from the Sacramento Chapter and we received a response.They indicated that they are also exploring the possibility of forming their own SCCA chapter as well as partnering with our chapter.


Clint DeWitt contacted Ken Yeo for assistance in putting on street survival school in September at Mather.Weekend of Sept. 20th??


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)Adjourned 10:35 pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown