Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Brown, Hubbard, Yeo, McCulloch, Olsen

Guests:†† Tom Nivison


Meeting called to order by Ray Miller at 8:17 pm.

Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting (5 0 0).


Stockton vacuuming was successful.Thank you to Tom Nivison.Site will be vacuumed again prior to the August event.


Payment was stopped on the first payment for the new photocell.


Bob will bring new photocell to the Mather setup.


Reminder that the July meeting is moved to July 24th.


We ordered 200 new cones from Sierra Safety Supply at $4.95 each.Will offer some additional old cones to Brent Blakely.


National office agreed to waive the temporary membership fee for Saturday of the Shrinerís event.





New Business


Board members will arrive at Mather at 1:30pm tomorrow, Friday, for course set up.


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)Adjourned 9:04 pm



Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown