Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Brown, Hubbard, Ken Yeo, McCulloch, Olsen, C. Miller, Al Patterson, Bob Weisickle (by phone), Tom Smiley, Gayle Smiley, Tom Nivison



Meeting called to order by D. Hubbard at 8:21 pm


Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting as amended (7 0 0).


Approved Treasurerís report. (7 0 0).


Shrinerís benefit event was very successful.Donated over $6,700 to Shrinerís.Shrinerís was very happy with event administration and outcome.


We have the opportunity to hold additional events at Mather.We are planning two more weekends at Mather this year as benefit events for PAL.





New Business

Created Chief of Registration function.Motion to appoint Gayle Smiley Chief of Registration. Approved.(7 0 0).


Candi Miller will not be seeking re-election as treasurer next year.Al Patterson has been appointed co-Treasurer.Need to add the following names to access our bank account:

1.      Al Patterson, Co-Treasurer

2.      Gayle Smiley,Chief of Registration

3.      Ken Yeo,Membership Chairman (already on account)


Doug priced cones.50 new cones will cost around $300.Doug will procure 50 more cones.


Stockton will be vacuumed prior to the first event there and again in July.


Discussed how PAX drops create more complication for scoring.Brown will work with Hubbard to introduce automation that works with new PAX schema.


G. Smiley discussed registration coverage during times when registration workers are running or doing course walks.



Moved to adjourn. (Approved)Adjourned 9:45 pm


Respectfully Submitted,




Rick Brown