Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:Brown, Hubbard, Yeo, McCulloch, Olsen, C. Miller, Bob Weisickle

Guests:†† Al Patterson, Darrel Huckabay, Tom Nivison, Tom Smiley


Meeting called to order by D. Hubbard at 8:02 pm


Old Business

Approved minutes of last meeting as amended (6 0 0).


Approved Treasurerís report. (6 0 0)


Noted that family SCCA memberships are now $121.


Tom Nivison will get Stockton vacuumed prior to the first event there.


Discussed name changes to ST and SM class designations.


Confirmed that Mikeís Garlic barbeque to will be at both days of Shrinerís event.


March 7 date as a test and tune date at Stockton.Date was taken so we will not have an event at Stockton that weekend.


Created a list of expiration dates for current safety stewards.


New Business

Motion to install Al Patterson as committee position Assistant to the Treasurer.Approved (6 0 0).

Motion to install Bob Weisickle as committee position Assistant to the Chapter Executive.Approved (6 0 0)


Darrel Huckabay discussed allowing a photographer to take pictures of event for sale.So long as safety rules are followed no additional issues were raised with allowing this photography.


Doug will check with Mather/Sheriff to see when we can arrive for Friday setup.


Discussed Shrinerís raffle.Businessí that donated raffle prizes are unable to do so this year.†† May do donations instead of a raffle.


Ordered 10 rule books.Will charge $25 for rule books.


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)Adjourned 9:17 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown