Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:  Hubbard, Yeo, Brown, Weisickle, Nivison, McCulloch

                   Gail Smiley,  Jay Williams



Meeting called to order by D. Hubbard at 8:15 pm



Old Business


Approved Minutes of last meeting (6 0 0)


Approved Treasurer’s report. (Reported by Hubbard for Patterson) (6 0 0).


 Hubbard reported that June 1 is end of EVOC presence at Mather.


Smiley’s kids working gate duty worked out very well. 





New Business


There have been issues with tabulating the results.  Ken McCulloch has been working in parallel to calculate results to see if there might be a better alternative.  We will continue this approach for the time being.


Discussed keeping Incident Reports and instructions readily available and making sure that Safety Stewards know the location of forms and instructions.  Gail will add instructions and Risk Management contact information to a package to be kept at registration.


Discussed subsidizing 1st Gear.  Will table discussion until end of this season.


Bob Weisickle procured a backup power supply.       


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)  Adjourned 9:09 pm




Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown