Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board



Attendees:  Hubbard, Yeo, Brown, Weisickle, Patterson, Nivison, McCulloch

                   Harold Olsen,  Brent Blakely



Meeting called to order by D. Hubbard at 8:25 pm



Old Business


Approved Minutes of last meeting (7 0 0)


Approved Treasurer’s report. (7 0 0).


Doug presented bill for dumpster service at Mather.


Doug secured storage for the trailer near Mather.


Purchased two new EZ ups.


Awards banquet scheduled for Nov. 6.


Doug has yearly tech stickers.



New Business



Have Mather use permit for entire year.


Discussed junior Kart regulations for this season.


There will be no EVOC training at Mather after the end of June.


Barbeque food vendor will be at Mather event.


Smiley’s kids will do gate duty.                                                                       


Moved to adjourn. (Approved)  Adjourned 9:18 pm




Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown