Meeting Minutes

Sac Chapter Board

Second 7/17/03 Meeting



Attendees: Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller,  Brown.


Meeting called to order by Fleig 10:05pm at Fleig's house.


Absent: Olsen, Yeo, Hubbard


Old Business

After election discussion Fleig, with Board concurrence, appointed R. Miller to contact each nomoniee to review their elected duties as defined in the by-laws in addition to duties necessary for the operation of the Chapter. After reviewing the expected duties Miller was to request a confirmation of their willingness to serve in the nominated position.


New Business

Discussion around reimbursement of Yeo for transmission damage resulting from club trailer transport.  Cost of repairs $800.00.  Motioned by R. Miller and seconded by Brown to reimburse Yeo.  Unanimously approved.




Meeting adjourned 10:40pm



Minutes recorded by Fleig

Transcribed by Brown