Meeting Minutes

SCCA Sacramento Chapter Board



Members present:  Bill Fleig, Ray Miller, Candi Miller, Harold Olsen,  Doug Hubbard,  Rick Brown, Ken Yeo,

Guests: Virginia Fleig, Bob Weisickle.


Meeting called to order at 7:50pm at Fleig’s house.


Old Business


Candi presented Treasurer’s report.  Approved.


Election Matters

Brown reported on David and Mary Borden declining their respective nominations and declining to run in the upcoming election.  This per Chapter Bylaws Article IV and RRoO VIII-32. 

Rick reviewed relevant section of  Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order.  

Motion to assign Ray to commence preparing the ballot.  (Brown/Olsen Approved 7-0-0)


Trailer Transportation

Discussion of trailer towing reimbursement. 

Motion to reimburse 35c/mile (Brown) .  Amendment for 50c/mile from Olson accepted (Brown).   (Brown/Hubbard Approved 7-0-0)


Bylaws and link to RROO are up on the website. Thanks Ray.


We will add regular meeting time and locations to the web site as well as posting approved board minutes. (R. Miller, Brown).


New Business


Site discussion.

Bill will attempt to secure 4 more dates at Stockton for this year.  This would give us a 10 event series.

Doug talked to an official at Selby who indicated that the railroad controls the property and do not want to use it for anything other than their storage yard needs.


Moved to adjourn. (R. Miller/Hubbard)


Meeting adjourned at 9:56pm.


Respectively Submitted,

Rick Brown

Secretary                                                               XX