Meeting Minutes

Sacramento Chapter Board


Attendees:Fleig, R. Miller, C. Miller, Brown, Hubbard, Olsen, Yeo.

Guests:Rich Urschel.

Meeting called to order by Fleig 7:42 at Brown’s house.

Old Business

Minutes of 10/16/03.Approved.

Treasurer’s report by C. Miller.

Banquet report by C. Miller.

Looked at samples of 100%’er jackets.Added “2003” year to jackets this year.

Will give away hats and mugs at the door.

Will have matchbox cars at the tables.They are give-aways.

Also have flag centerpieces on order.

Trophies are on order.

69 people have paid for banquet.Expecting 10 more.

Site reports.

McClellan.Coast Guard, CDF, etc., still in same locations.Air museum has moved.Plan to keep dialogue open with McClellan and the air museum.No short term prospects.

Cal Expo is no longer available for autocrossing.

Replacing 18” pylons.Discarded 300 old ones to be replaced by 300 new ones.

Trailer in storage at Walt Longwedel’s warehouse.

Discussed options of purchasing a riding mower or tractor and attachment for sweeping courses.Tabled for further discussions.

EZ Ups

Galvanized one is shot.Discard.

One of two painted legged ones needs new leg.Bill will replace.

Discussed timing systems that can do segment times.

Provided additional trophy to one of last year’s STX competitors.

Have had 8 people join Speed Freakz since we started subsidizing the program.Subsidy is working to bring in new members.

Sold all remaining 2003 rulebooks for $5 each.

Sold old helmets for $10 each except for one.Will buy 14 new ones.Get orange or some easily recognizable and theft-deterring color.Sizes 2 XXL, 2 XL, rest L and M.No smalls.Open face.M-rated. Approved.

New Business

Reviewed proposed changes/additions to supplemental regulations along with a general review.Brown to circulate amendments to board to approve.

Working schedule with Stockton.Fair is whole month of June.Dates available before and after that month.

Moved to adjourn. (Approved.Adjourned 11:00pm ).

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Brown